How To Promote Your Personal Brand On Instagram


Some are still convinced that maintaining an Instagram account is a business for idlers. Posting beautiful photos is easy. We hope you understand that it’s not that simple. First, the competition is huge. Against the backdrop of all these glamorous, retouched, super-creative profiles, you need to stand out and find an area in which it will be most convenient to develop, in which you can thoroughly know your client (up to the croissants with what filling he likes to dine on Thursdays) and in which you feel comfortable.

Secondly, successful promotion implies a systematic approach. Planning, planning, and more planning! It is necessary to post posts and create stories every day. Without it, nowhere. Otherwise, very soon you run the risk of becoming uninteresting to your subscribers.

Let’s take a closer look at what points the systemic nature of maintaining an account is expressed and how it should be maintained so that you do not have to buy Instagram followers.

Photo style


Accounts are like people. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences. Those accounts in which photos complement each other in style, range, and content and create a sense of harmony are very popular.

To create a unified visual style of the page, it is good to use different applications. Not only do their modules perform their main functions (publish posts at the time set by the administrator), it can be used to create a grid of photos. And if you don’t like something, remove it and replace it. An extremely useful tool, without which the life of any SMM manager would be unbearable!

With the scheduler, you will have nothing complicated. Posting doesn’t take long! The main thing is to keep the rhythm of posting. Some SMM specialists post one or two posts every day, others three times a week. Follow the reaction of subscribers and stir up their interest.

Has frequent posting become too much like spam, which has led to a decrease in the activity of followers? Slow down and change strategy. And in order not to be afraid of periods of inspiration, compose posts in advance and upload them to the article planner. We hope that now it is completely clear what is the superpower of the scheduler. It’s the cure for Instagram chaos and creative burnout.

How to increase the activity of subscribers?

Very often you can observe such a situation: there are a lot of subscribers, but no activity. Such accounts are unlikely to get recommended, which means that potential customers will not even know about your existence.

To increase the number of likes and comments, we advise you not to neglect these components.



Without beautiful packaging, you are unlikely to be able to sell anything. The first thing a visitor to an account looks at is a picture. Do not forget to supplement it with high-quality text. Topics can be different, the main thing is to ask a question at the end of the post to encourage subscribers to discuss.

  1. Post no more than twice a day. Don’t block the news feed. An overdose (including information) is always harmful.
  2. Find the perfect time to post. A ranked news feed haunts every user, and it’s best not to overload it.
  3. Give your followers what they want. I hope you have already made a portrait of your audience and know not only age, location, and social status, but also more specific points: anxieties, dreams, and desires.
  4. Make a content plan for the month and alternate between different types of posts: promotional, informational, and entertaining.
  5. Use high-quality photos of your own production. Photo stocks should be completely excluded.

Communication in the comments

Be active in the comments, because this is a great way to communicate with potential and regular customers of your brand. This item is mandatory for all business owners. You ask why? Everything is very simple!

Each unique visitor to your account first of all pays attention not only to the number of likes and followers, but also to the number of comments, and more importantly, how often you respond to them, maintaining feedback with your followers.

If you don’t want to miss a single comment, then the comment tracker will help you keep track of everything that happens under each of your posts. As soon as there is a new comment, the program will immediately notify you about it and give you the opportunity to respond to it as quickly as possible.



We’re pretty sure you didn’t know that a few years ago, Instagram began to lose ground, giving way to the frantically developing Snapchat app.

Why? Because users wanted to see what a person is doing right now, at this very moment. Snapchat has focused on this problem and perfected it. So millions of users have decided to register there.

Why should businesses use Stories?

Attracting an audience to your posts. With the help of stories, intrigue is created (for example, when a new post is announced) and the process of attracting subscribers to your page takes place. Moreover, a new generation of users has arisen who do not waste time scrolling through the feed, but instead view Stories.

Targeted advertising. The cost is lower and the competition is still low.

Interaction with subscribers. People love games, contests, quizzes, quests, polls, so this interactive format is always relevant.

Hashtag generator


We hope you understand that promoting a personal account is a laborious and energy-intensive process, which includes beautiful page design, creating a memorable bio, establishing constant communication with subscribers by sending greetings, news messages or messages inviting cooperation, daily posting photos, videos, and stories, as well as the introduction of elements of gamification.

But in addition to all of the above, do not forget about hashtags. They play an important role on Instagram.

Choose relevant tags related to what is shown in your picture. If you just insert top keywords that are not related to the topic of the post, you risk getting into the shadowban.

The ideal number of tags for one post is 30 pieces. Experienced SMM specialists recommend placing hashtags in the first comment. So, the general aesthetics of the post will not be violated.

Don’t use the same hashtags from post to post. Otherwise, your account risks being banned.



Promoting an Instagram account is a complex process that requires certain knowledge not only in the marketing field but also the help of specialized services, the implementation of which helps to facilitate account management and improve results.

Do not forget that social network algorithms are constantly changing. New features appear there, ignoring which can lead to loss of coverage, which means loss of profit. Therefore, constantly improve, read and monitor innovations.