Seven Things to Think about When Selecting a Toner Cartridge Vendor

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The easiest method of ordering a new toner cartridge is online. Indeed, you can order a new cartridge from the comfort of your home office and have it delivered to your doorsteps. However, the growing list of vendors offering printer accessories is making it more difficult to identify the one to buy from. When it is time to buy a new toner cartridge, here are the things you should think about.

The Types of Toner Cartridges the Vendor Stocks

Whether you are looking forward to buying a toner cartridge for individual printing, business work, or institutional tasks, you want a vendor with a number of options. The options will also come in handy to help you make an informed choice about the quality. Here are the three main options that a good vendor should have;

  • OEM (original equipment manufacturer) toner cartridges: As the name suggests, these toner cartridges are made by the company that designed your printer. These companies invest a lot of money into research, and their toner cartridges are the best. If you are looking for top-quality prints, this is the right cartridge to go for.
  • Generic toner cartridges: These toner cartridges are made by third parties using the same technology used by OEM. However, you might find some small differences in design because of patent restrictions. These cartridges are good for high-quality prints but are sold at a lower price than OEM models.
  • Remanufactured toner cartridges: These are recycled toner cartridges, and they have the lowest price tags. When compared to OEM and generic models, the quality of prints you get from remanufactured toner cartridges is lower. The manufacturers collect old and used toner cartridges, repair issues they might have, refill, and resell into the market. According to, these cartridges provide users with an opportunity to reduce negative impacts on the environment.

In addition to stocking all types of toner cartridges, the vendor should also have other laser toner accessories. For example, he should have an assortment of refill kits so that you can reuse the toner cartridge before disposing of it. Simply put, the vendor should have all the accessories you need to keep your laser toner printer running and in top condition.

The Shipment Period

Notably, most toner cartridges run out when you least expect. For example, it is not uncommon to see the printer making faint printouts, in the middle of the night or when you urgently want to complete a task. If you prefer making your order online, the best vendor is the one that can deliver the toner cartridges as fast as possible to reduce the distraction. Even if you are not buying in a hurry, a good vendor should be able to make prompt deliveries.

Customer Support

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We must indicate that laser printers can be complicated. However, this does not mean that you cannot do routine maintenance to make your printer cartridge deliver quality work. So, whether you are cleaning the printer, installing a new toner cartridge or refilling it, the customer support should be readily available to provide help if you get stuck. Make sure that the vendor can be reached through a number of channels, including live chat and phone number for immediate support. For users who want more detailed assistance, the vendor should have an email that people can use for queries.

The Toner Cartridge Warranty

One of the sure ways of establishing whether a vendor is committed to customer value is checking whether the products on sale come with a warranty. A warranty is used by a manufacturer to give users the assurance that they are getting well researched and professionally made products. For most OEM toner cartridges, the warranty is about one year. However, generic toner cartridges have shorter warranties of 30-90 days. Always note that the longer the warranty, the better.

The Return Policy

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A good online vendor should have a return policy that allows you to return the toner cartridge in the case of incorrect delivery. Therefore, before placing an order, carefully read the return policy, and even seek clarifications from the customer support if there is something that that is unclear. Note that if a broken toner cartridge or the wrong one is delivered, you should be given a full refund because the problem is on the side of the seller. Alternatively, the seller might give you the option of shipping the right toner cartridge.

Does the Seller Recycle Empty Toner Cartridges?

Today concerns for the environment have intensified so much, and people want to see every effort geared towards making the world a better place. So, you should also think about the vendor’s commitment to addressing the problem of pollution.

Since the focus is toner cartridges, you should consider working with the seller, who has an elaborate program for recycling the toner cartridges to prevent them from ending up in landfills. If the vendor does not have a buy-back policy, he should have an agreement with other recycling companies where you can take the cartridges once they are used up.

There are a couple of companies in the market that are willing to accept new or unused ink and toner cartridges in exchange for cash. It will definitely be a great option when you get to recycle and earn at the same time from toner cartridges.


Once you have selected the preferred toner cartridge and you are satisfied that the vendor is great, things will narrow down to price. Your aim should be getting the highest value for money without compromising on quality. So, if you are looking forward to buying a high-quality OEM toner cartridge, you need to know that it can be expensive. To know if the vendor has the right price tag, consider comparing it with other sellers. If you want to enjoy lower prices of your toner cartridge here are some tips to consider:

  • Consider buying toner cartridges in bulk.
  • Ask for discounts from the seller.

Go for cheaper toner cartridges, such as the remanufactured models.
Consider buying when the selected vendor is having clearance sale offers.
If you want to buy one or several toner cartridges, the vendor you select plays a crucial in defining the value you will get for the money. So, take a moment and think about the seven things that we have listed above and only work with a seller who is committed to delivering value.