How To Promote Music Affordably Online And Maximize Revenue?


The music sector is massively competitive, so a good marketing strategy is crucial to boost a successful career. Distribution is an important part of marketing. Record labels were the only way for artists to get their music distributed but in this digital era streaming services are dominating. The way fans listen to and buy music has changed. People spend more time on the internet and streaming platforms give them a plethora of music options to listen to from anywhere and at any time.

To gain wide exposure, your music needs to be made accessible at the right stores. Digital distribution platforms can help to distribute your songs on major streaming services like Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and more.

Wondering how digital distributions such as works? You need to sign up and upload your songs. In a couple of days, your album gets active on the major streaming services you chose. Fans download and buy your song from the streaming service and the royalties get accumulated in your account. It is the best way to get your music on Spotify and earn revenues.

How to promote music affordably and maximize profits?

After music distribution on streaming services, you will need to promote your album to maximize more revenue.


Create music website

You already put your music on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. and you have a social media presence. This does not mean you don’t need to create a website. Website is crucial as it is your online office, where you will sell your music directly to fans, convey your story, and share details of upcoming events or releases. Creating a WordPress website is simple and free. There is a lot of information available online on how to create an appealing website. after creating a website, share its link with your potential fans and audience.

Promote album on social media

More than 50% of the world’s population hangs out on social channels, so is a crucial factor for promotion. It is also a great way to connect with fans. You can allow your fans in the creative process to have a competition. To sell your music on Amazon or Spotify, you will need to submit a cover art. Therefore have your fans create an artwork for the new album cover and submit it on Instagram. This will make them feel connected instead of a plain consumer.

If there is a song or album releasing soon split into several posts or release an exclusive preview. With exclusive previews, there is a curiosity among fans and you can generate more sales from it.


Synch post across every social platform about your upcoming release. The aim is to reach a lot of potential fans. You can even tag other artists involved in your new track. As soon as your post gets circulating, the artists involved will enthusiastically share and repost thus creating a domino effect and broadening your reach.

Each social media channel differs even if your target audience hangs out there. Learn about video marketing on Facebook or Instagram because you need to post the right kind of content to connect with the audience.

TikTok is also an active platform with billions of users. Users share their favorite songs through lip-synch videos and dance challenges. You need to get your music on TikTok because it is also a platform to earn money. If your song is TikTok-friendly, you will soon see it used as background in making an audio clip, which will inspire others to make similar videos and your song will get in front of more and more audiences.

Send email newsletter

Music website allows you to collect subscribers’ email addresses. With a list of subscribers, you can send an email newsletter with updates of your music album or live events. You can share not just news about your tour but even videos and photos with your fan base.

Sign with live streaming platforms

Technology has made it simple to go live. Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are platforms that allow you to go live and interact with fans in real-time. If you are not comfortable with social media channels then there are live streaming platforms like YouNow, Concert Window, etc. Live streams will help to enhance your music promotional efforts and build a good rapport with fans.


Create band merchandise

You can create and sell band merchandise to earn extra income to finance your shows and recordings. You can create a webpage on your website, where band merc can be sold. You can sell albums, stickers, posters, music lesson videos, T-shirts, notebooks, caps, etc.

Before you design band merch, do some research to get an idea of what your fans will like to buy? Display your products using appealing mockups to analyze fan’s reactions. Remember, band merch helps to support your music!

Record music tutorials

Professional musicians can take advantage of their skills and record music tutorials. It will help them become valuable knowledge sources among amateurs. The more knowledge shared the more eager your fans will be in supporting your music.

Share videos on YouTube

However, for the album promotion, you will need to get your songs on YouTube Music. It is because YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and uploading platform for video files. As it is a video-sharing platform, you will need to create some videos. You can create a lyric video using a music cover or offer singing lessons. Create something musical that fans and audience connect you with. You can make the music video available to several video-sharing platforms for extra exposure.

Go on a tour with the band

Create a new fan base in an entirely new location. Connect with popular bands that sound like yours, so you reach a different fan base who wish to listen. If you gain new fans from every tour, soon you will be the one that other bands will come looking for.

The music industry is challenging but success is possible. You need to stay committed to your music creation and marketing. A talented musician will surely find their share of loyal fans!