Russell Brand and Katy Perry’s Love Story: After a Year They Broke up Over Text

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Katy Perry and Russell Brand are in happy relationships today and have settled down, but at one time, they were under the media spotlight for their relationship and marriage. Katy became one of the world’s most famous singers, and Russell made a career in acting. Although everything seemed perfect, their relationship was doomed from the start, and here’s why.

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Many Hollywood romances don’t have a long life, and that’s what Russell and Katy learned the hard way. The singer and actor fell in love at first sight when Katy threw a plastic bottle at Russell during rehearsals for the 2009 MMA Awards. “It was like being struck by cupid but sort of in a riot,” Brand described the moment later in interviews. She just wanted Russell to notice her, and despite choosing a weird way, they were soon on their first date.

Just four months after the first date, they got engaged while visiting India. “Katy’s never connected with anybody like this. He makes her laugh like nobody else in the world,” her friend revealed at the time. They were married in October 2010 and had jugglers and elephants at a private ceremony.

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It didn’t take long for Katy’s first husband to become her first ex-husband as well. After 14 months of marriage, their relationship ended with one text. Brand wrote to his wife that he would file for divorce. After they, they drew apart, and they did not spend the last Christmas together when they were married.

“Katy was obviously very, very occupied, and very busy. I was very occupied and very busy—not to the same degree, I recognize. But it meant, I think, that [for] the sanctimony of marriage, which is a very private thing really…I supposed we perhaps—intuitively or explicitly I don’t know—understood that we better protect this thing”, Russell said about their divorce later.

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On the other hand, Katy complained that she was trying to find time for them, but he didn’t even try. She admitted that she spent a lot of time touring, but Russell never visited her. There were also rumors that Brand wanted to start a family, but the singer was too focused on her career and did not want to take a break.

After the divorce, Katy fell into depression, which she often talked about. She also talked about everything in the documentary “Part Of Me“.



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