Comprehensive Guide about Buying a New car in the UAE

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Buying a car is a huge investment in your life. It is quite a challenging process especially if you are buying a car for the first time. Make sure to buy the car if you really need it. For example, if you are in Dubai for quite a short period, you can go for a rental car or car lease solutions. But if you are in the UAE for work or to explore business opportunities, then you should buy a new car.

UAE is a delight for car enthusiasts as it has a wide range of dealers in the country. Almost every car manufacturer is making its presence in the UAE automobile industry. So, you should research first what brand and automobile model you want to purchase. Also, you should check the value of different cars on websites like Kelley blue book, etc.

Table of content

  • Tips to buy a new car in the UAE
  • What are the required documents for car registration?
  • Where to get the car registration?
  • Steps to register an automobile in UAE
  • Bank loans and discounts information
  • Conclusion

Tips to buy a new car in the UAE

Here are the 7 intelligent tips you should follow while buying a new car in the UAE.

Do complete research of the model you want to buy

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Do the complete research of the car model you want to buy. Like if you are looking for an automobile for a family you should opt for big cars so that you and your family members can easily adjust. Also, make sure if you are looking for economical or luxurious cars. There will be a huge price difference between both of them. You can opt for a luxury sedan or a large SUV. Well, again it all depends on your choice and budget.

Focus on functionality and features

You also need to figure out the requirements, likes and dislikes while choosing an automobile to purchase. You should focus on the functionality of your vehicle instead of extra features. Check out the engine power, space, and all other important features that are crucial. A little bit of research will save a lot of time and money while you will finally buy the car.

Keep your budget in mind

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Always be clear about your budget before buying a new automobile. Also, with a fixed budget, you can easily filter when you have different options. It can save a lot of time and you will view the specific cars that are within your budget. Do not get distracted by the grand cars and just focus on your budget permits. Keep in mind that the insurance fee and registration process will also require some extra money. So, be careful while selecting your car.

Feel your car by driving it

Just don’t be happy if your vehicle matches your needs. Sit inside your car, check all the interior and features. After that adjust your seatbelt, and take it for a short drive. In this way, you will know the visibility from your car seat, handy storage compartments, and much more. It will make your buying decision easy.

Arrange auto finance before buying

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The cash deals may sound fun and easy but it is not that easy always. You might need to pay the rest of your cost and need to arrange the car finance before you buy it. Understand the process and all conditions before you sign the required documents. You should do it before buying it because it may take a couple of weeks to arrange the finance.

Choose the right car dealer

Choosing the right car dealer is very crucial especially if you are buying a brand new car. It is because they provide you all the necessary warranties and you claim it if needed in the future. You can choose hassle-free transactions as well to make your purchase smooth. You just have to bring all the necessary documents and sign all the necessary paperwork. The best thing about choosing the authenticated dealer is that they are offering 1 stop solution for all the requirements from your auto registration to financing.

Seal the car deal

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Once you and the dealer agree on the price, seal the car deal by giving the initial deposit or down payment. Most of the time the down payment does not involve any kind of paperwork. But, you should make sure about getting the written proof about in what conditions you should get your deposit back, it can be in case of rejection of your bank loan or car condition changes.

Note: The car dealers are looking forward to selling as many cars as they can. So, always try to negotiate the price as much as you can.

What are the required documents for car registration?

After selecting and buying the car, the next process you go through is registration. So, the question is what documents do you need to register your car.

The documents you need for car registration are as follows:

  • Emirates Id card
  • Password copy along with valid visa page
  • Bank statement of 3 months
  • Driving license

Where to get the car registration?

When you buy a car from a well-reputed company, you don’t have to go anywhere to get your car registered. These companies offer these services in their showrooms. The biggest showrooms like Al Tayer offer services like RTA, car registration, etc.

Steps to register an automobile in the UAE

To register your vehicle in UAE, you should follow these steps:

  • Apply for the authorized testing centers to get your car inspected.
  • Get your vehicle insured by the authorized car insurers.
  • Pay the registration fee to the car registration office.
  • Grab your (Mulkiya) car ownership card along with an expiry date sticker and plate number.

Bank loans and discounts information

Do your research as some of the dealers are offering seasonal sales every year. You can also discuss to find out if they are offering any discounts or offers. Many showrooms may have a proposal for you to buy a car on installments. offer


We have discussed all the necessary information you need to know before buying a car in the UAE. Follow these tips to find your favorite automobile at the most affordable price. In case you are looking for a rental car solution for your temporary stay in UAE, you can rent a car from RentalcarsUAE. They are offering the most affordable and best cars in the town.