Follow the Guide to Apply for University by Yourself


How to apply for university is a problem that disturbs thousands of students, especially those who are going to study abroad, but it is also an unavoidable problem for all students planning to go to university. In order to help these people out, this article is written to show a complete guide about how to apply for university by yourself. If you are interested in this topic, you can read on to get more details about that.

1. Determine Where to Study


First of all, you need to decide where to study. Whether you plan to go to university in your home country or study abroad, you must first determine your study destination. This can effectively narrow the search range and improve the search efficiency. When choosing a study destination, you can take some important factors into consideration, such as the city’s economy, infrastructure, consumption level, and job opportunities, and so on.

2. Find Universities Located in Your Study Destination


After determining where to study, you can go on to find the universities located in the study destination. To achieve this goal, you have 3 methods – using Google, asking experienced people for help, and using a professional school search tool.

Here, it is more recommended for you to use the third way – using a professional school search tool because the previous ways will cost you a lot of time.

Generally speaking, the school search tool is a kind of tool specially designed for school search, which can assist users to find universities in different countries or regions with simple clicks. With the help of this kind of professional tool, you will be able to complete the school search effectively. So if you want to find universities in a specific city or region, it is necessary for you to choose and use a professional school search tool. It will help to improve your search efficiency.

3. Choose a University that Fits You


When you complete the school search, you will get a list of universities that meet your requirements. In this case, you need to choose a university that fits you among the listed search results. This may be difficult for you since there often is more than one university that suits you. For this kind of people, we have a suggestion – you can take some important factors into consideration while making the decision, such as course duration, tuition fees, employment prospects, qualification, etc. You can compare the schools based on these factors then make your final decision.

4. Check If You Are Qualified


The next step you need to do is to check if you are qualified for the chosen university, namely, check its admission requirements. After checking the requirements, if you find you are qualified, you can then go on to prepare the needed document and apply for the university. But if not, you have to go back to Step 3 and choose another school that really suits you. This step is very important since it determines the success or failure of your application. So please be patient even when it takes you too much time.

5. Prepare the Needed Documents


While applying for a university, applicants are usually required to provide some essential documents, such as transcripts, diploma, proof of English proficiency (international students), application form, Offer, insurance, medical report, etc. So before applying for the chosen university, you are strongly recommended to check and prepare the documents that the university requires in advance, which will make your application go more smoothly.

6. Submit Your Application to the University


At last, you can submit your application to the chosen university. To complete that, you need to find a reliable platform, such as the official website of the chosen university or some professional course application platforms then submit the application case through it. Once done, you can go on to track the application. If the school approves your application, it will send you an Offer and this will be the end of the university application.

Tips: A Useful School Application Tool for Your Reference


For those who want to complete the university application effectively and quickly, it is strongly recommended to use a tool called CatEight. This is a professional as well as a comprehensive school search and application tool. Its Course Finder function enables you to search courses, School Finder allows you to find schools, Agent Finder can help you to find agents, Course Application can assist you to submit your application case. With the help of this tool, it would be an easy task for you to apply for a university. For those who wish to complete the university application by yourself, it is essential to get such a powerful tool.


This is the complete guide about how to apply for a university by yourself. While making a university application, you can follow the steps above to submit and accomplish your university application with ease.

Of course, for those who want to apply for university with a higher success rate, it is better to use some professional tools. This kind of professional tool can assist you to complete the whole application with simple clicks, including finding and applying for the wanted universities, which will greatly save your time and improve your efficiency.

Are you interested in it? Don’t hesitate, just have a try!