Duchess Camilla’s granddaughter looks exactly like her

Duquesa Camilla y Príncipe Carlos con Eliza Lopes

When Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, married Prince Charles in 2005, she became the stepmother of Prince William and Prince Harry. Since then it has become such an important part of the royal family that few people remember that it has a non-royal family of its own, including two children and five grandchildren. And it turns out that one of her granddaughters is her mini-self!

But first, let’s review Camilla’s path to romance before introducing her cute grandchildren.

Simply put, the story of Charles and Camilla’s relationship is for all ages. The now-married royals dated in 1970, long before Charles met Princess Diana, but had to interrupt when Charles joined the Royal Navy. Camilla moved on and in 1973 she married Andrew Parker Bowles, a British Army officer. Good housekeeping ) The couple soon welcomed two children together: Tom Parker Bowles, in 1974, and Laura Parker Bowles, in 1978.

Tom, who turns out to be Prince Charles’ godson, married Sara Buys in 2005. They have two children together, Lola, born in 2007, and Freddy, born in 2010 (via Pueblo Pais )

As for Laura, she married Harry Lopes in 2006, and they have three children together: Eliza Lopes, born in 2008, and the twins Gus and Louis, who were born in 2009.

Now that you’ve caught up, let’s take a look at Camilla’s doppelgänger, Eliza Lopes.

Eliza Lopes is her grandmother’s twin

All of Camilla Parker Bowles’ children and grandchildren have made appearances at royal events, and Eliza Lopes (pictured left) was even a flower girl at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011. And as this sweet photo shows Eliza shares many similarities with the Duchess of Cornwall, including her bright blue eyes and the shape of her face. Cute!

Of course, Camilla loves being the grandmother of each of her grandchildren, a sentiment she mentioned in the documentary, The Real Camila: Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cornwall. “It’s very nice because you don’t have full responsibility,” she said of being a grandmother (via Hello! Magazine). “You can give them a wonderful time, spoil them, give them all the things their parents won’t let them have, and then give them back again.”

Now that Camilla is isolating herself with her husband (they met a few weeks after Prince Carlos recovered from COVID-19), what is most strange is being able to spend time with his extended family. Speaking to a British resident, as part of the Royal Voluntary Service’s Check-in and Chat initiative, he said that the most difficult part of this crisis is not being able to hug your grandchildren (via Pueblo Country )

Yes, it seems Camilla is a devoted grandmother!