LeBron James’ eldest son looks exactly like NBA legend

LeBron James y su hijo Bronny James

Having LeBron James as a father means that Bronny James has a life full of opportunities, especially when it comes to basketball. After his father, Bronny is a high school star player at Sierra Canyon High School in California. This is the same school where Zaire Wade, LeBron’s good friend, Dwyane Wade’s son, plays basketball (or at least he did), so of course there is a lot of eye on the Sierra Canyon games. Because yes, LeBron, Dwyane and Gabrielle Union are known to cheer on the crowd.

Still, people are in these games for more than just sightings of famous athletes. Bronny is really defending himself on the court. Still, it’s hard not to look at him and see LeBron sometimes. They have a great similarity, both dominate as basketball players, and let’s not forget that they have the same name.

In a 2018 episode of his HBO show The LeBron Store confessed to Jon Stewart that he actually has doubts about naming his firstborn as himself. According to the BBC, he said, “I still regret giving my name to my 14-year-old son.” The men also discussed the pressure their boys face to live up to their success. LeBron explained, “When I was younger, I didn’t have a father, so all I had to do whenever I had a child was do everything this man didn’t do.” He concluded: “It is up to them to take their own course, whenever that time comes.”

LeBron James’ son Bronny James also plays basketball

LeBron James understandably doesn’t want his son Bronny James to feel suffocated by his success. Fortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, it is evident that Bronny is inspired by his father’s work. In October 2019, Bronny shared a photo of himself holding a basketball, emulating a photo of his father during his own high school days on the cover of Golpe . In the legend, Bronny called himself the “heir to the throne,” which is a clear metaphor, but it’s especially appropriate since his father’s Instagram name is @kingjames. LeBron has also called Bronny a “Young King” on Instagram.

In December 2019, LeBron shared side-by-side photos of each of them in a slam dunk, forming twins. The star wrote: “It is my job to move on to Blueprint to allow (his brother and sister) Rumble Young Man / Woman Rumble! Heir to the throne. #LikeFatherLikeSon ».

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LeBron is one of his son’s biggest fans on and off the court. In January 2024, he shared a photo of himself watching Bronny play and wrote, “I know I turn my back and my front on you during all of this! I would die for you and your brothers. Never hesitate regardless of disrespect, hatred, envy, jealousy, etc., it comes your way! Just push forward and remain the great child / youth / person that you are! I love you boy! «

As they look alike and both play basketball, Bronny is creating his own legacy.