Scottie Pippen’s son looks exactly like the NBA legend

Scottie Pippen con su hijo Scotty Pippen

A lot of eyes are on Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen and his family because of ESPN The Last Documentary Dance , which focuses on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls 1997–98. Pippen’s son Scotty Pippen follows in his father’s Nike clothed footsteps in more ways than one. Obviously, there is the name. However, even though there is a difference in spelling, Scotty is actually a junior.

In 1996, the Chicago Tribune reported that Scottie’s Olympic Games credential spelled his name “Scotty.” When asked if it was a mistake, the Chicago Bulls player revealed, “No, that’s the way it’s written on my birth certificate.” So why did he end up going for “Scottie” instead of “Scotty”? He told the newspaper: “It is I who can change it,” but he did not explain further.

Scottie obviously passed on the original spelling when he and his wife Larsa Pippen named their son. It could also avoid some confusion, as the two follow a different spelling, at least in written communication. Verbally, it is quite likely that there are still some father-son confusions.

In addition to having the same (birth) name, Scottie and Scotty have some important things in common. They look very similar then and they both play basketball. That said, seeing Scotty in a shirt can induce a certain déjà vu for Chicago Bulls fans. Imagine if Scotty ends up wearing a red and white t-shirt on the line.

Well it’s not a crazy idea since he’s currently playing college basketball.

Scottie Pippen’s son also plays basketball

In 2019 Scotty Pippen announced his commitment to play college basketball for Vanderbilt. His father Scottie Pippen tweeted , “Another dream come true, for him and me. Congratulations son, you make me proud every day and I can’t wait to see you play at the next level! »

In a 2019 interview with TMZ , the NBA student said, “You know my son will bring him. Your eggs don’t fall too far from the tree! »Putting mixed metaphors aside, Scottie has made it very clear that he wants his son to succeed, even if his son’s star ends up shining brighter than his. In 2018 USA Today he tweeted a link to a now-deleted article where Scotty had claimed he wanted to be better than his father. In response, Scottie stated , “I want him to be better than me too #TeamPippen.”

Like Dad, Scotty is making history in his own right. The 6-foot-1 point guard was the first recruit Jerry Stackhouse signed with Vanderbilt after he accepted the position of head coach. “Scotty is a dynamic point guard who has the ability and balance to make an immediate impact on our roster,” Stackhouse said in a university press release (via ESPN ) on his Vanderbilt Commodores player profile page, Scotty shared his “advice for young people”: “Work hard if you want to be good at something.”

While they look like twins, only time will tell if Scotty ends up with his own NBA legacy.