Are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry “Neighbors From Hell”?

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Ever since they decided to leave the UK a few months ago and seek their fortune in America, the Duchess and Duke of Sussex, 38-year-old Meghan Markle and her three-years-younger husband, Prince Harry, have continued to intrigue the public.

Because of this, the young couple is almost daily targeted by various media and photographers who want to gain insight into their private lives. However, according to some media outlets, it seems that this is precisely what cost them good neighborly relations in the Los Angeles community where they are currently located.

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As a source revealed for Star magazine, the neighbors of the royal couple are not thrilled by the fact that, due to Meghan and Harry’s arrival, drones and paparazzi constantly surround their settlement, so they called them “worst neighbors ever”.

“People pay millions to live there because it’s beautiful, private, and peaceful. But with Harry and Meghan around, it’s become total chaos”, an insider said.

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However, the site Gossip Cop labeled this story as totally false, saying it is pure speculation. They also commented on the part when an insider told that Meghan is “downright cold” to neighbors and not being “slightest bit friendly”.

“It’s odd to complain about two people “keeping to themselves” in a gated neighborhood that people move to specifically for its privacy, especially during the coronavirus pandemic when socializing outside of the home is generally considered a public health risk”, the Gossip Cop wrote.