Jojo Babie Asks Her Fans to Caption Her Latest Sultry Instagram Post

Image source: Instagram

Instagram model Jojo Babie is a true social media sensation. The blond bombshell recently celebrated her record – 10 million followers on Instagram. She thanked her loyal fans with a mirror selfie that left little to the imagination.

“Your favorite Asian girl” definitely knows how to entertain her fans during the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine. She proved it more than once. This time Jojo shared a photo with Timmy Turner from “The Fairly OddParents,” looking at her completely stunned while she posed in a revealing drawn bodysuit.

Babie flaunted her lush curves and asked her followers to help her caption this pic. In return, the best one will get DM and a follow back from beautiful Jojo.

Fans were more than inspired in comments. “He found the real fairly odd parent”, “Timmys final wish”, “Let’s go for another 10 million”, “On my worst behavior”, some of the suggestions read.

Others just admired her curvaceous body and showered her with compliments. “Really Beautiful!”, “U look great”, “Damn too hot to handle”, “Just so gorgeous”, some of the comments read.