5 3d Number Plates Misconceptions Most People Think Are True

Image source: unsplash.com

Have you heard about the 3D number plates? No? That’s weird, as their popularity is growing as we write this article. By now, they have become quite common, and many people are using them. For those who are not yet into this latest trend, they come as something out of the usual – extraordinary to put it that way. It is because of a lot of misinformation that circulates around the web; people develop all the wrong opinions on different subjects. 3D number plates are one of them. Maybe it’s hard to believe this, but it’s true.

Because of all of the false info, there are many developed myths and misconceptions regarding a simple product such as 3D license plates. It would be best if you didn’t allow them to put you away from getting a pair yourself. The best way to be sure you’re all up for this move is to educate yourself on the subject. You can do this by reading our article on the top five 3D number plate misconceptions most people think are true.

You Can Use Any Font and Spacing

Image source: unsplash.com

Surprisingly, many people believe they’re free to do anything they want when it comes to printing 3D plates. Yes, they are a form of customization, but within many legal boundaries, you simply can not cross. People believe they can use as little numbers and letters as they like and put the desired spacing between them. This is not entirely true. All plates need to be done under the same format issued by the DVLA.

If you don’t want to get anything right, you can visit their website and make your 3D plate the way you want it but within the set rules. Having your personalized plates is all good and well, but you need to obey the law, and it is strict on the matters of letters and spacing. You’ll be wise to know what you can and can not do before printing your plates. You don’t want to do it all over again.

You Can Use Your Own Image

Image source: unsplash.com

What an entertaining thought, but no. No! This is not something you can do. For one, we don’t know why people would want to do this. No one wants to see your photo on the license plate, even if you’re as pretty as Kate Beckinsale. License plates, even the 3D ones, can have various images on them, but not your ones. We don’t know where people got the idea this is something you can do. You can’t! What happened is that people did saw small images on the side of the license plates.

What they didn’t know is that these are perfectly legal. The photos you probably noticed, include flags and crosses. Among the symbols that are allowed, we have the Euro Flag, Red Dragon of Wales, Union Flag, Cross of St George, and Cross of St Andrew. If you’re up for any of these pictures, it’s all good and well. Besides that, you don’t have too much space to maneuver.

You Can Put a Quote on Them

We won’t argue with you. This is a good idea, putting a slogan of the sort on your 3D number plates. But it just won’t cut it. This is not allowed. They’re called number plates for a reason. At the bottom of the plates, you can usually have the name of a dealership, but this has a legal background. The one who makes the plates has the responsibility for those plates, and thus it puts its name in the bottom.

This has nothing to do with advertising. So if you saw this and thought, well, this is what I’m going to do, and write this and that, just drop it. You are only allowed to 3D print license plates that were already legally issued, and not some random thought or a quote you had in mind. It is a massive misconception that this is a common practice.

They’re Pricey

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When people hear 3D printing, they sometimes can’t wrap their heads around it. The first thing that crosses their mind is that it is a superiors technology and that the entire process costs a lot of money. Yes, this can be true when we’re talking about large industrial printers that are used for massive projects and include printing with heavy materials and metals. In this case, everything printed can be expensive. But, when it comes to 3D license number plates, the situation is vastly different. Usually, we’re talking only about a couple of numbers and letters, which can be done for a fair price.

If this is something you always wanted to do, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. For a simple numerical plate, you only need to part with the amount of twenty or so dollars. As you can see, it is not all that expensive of a service. If you are eager to know more, you can find more information here.

They’re Illegal

Image source: unsplash.com

Of course, when people saw a novelty, they start talking about it in two ways – it’s either too expensive or illegal. 3D license plate numbers fall into this group. For years people believe they’re something not attainable by them, and probably something that you can be fined for if the police stop you. But, this is not something that should bother you. People who manufacture them guarantee you that their plates are designed in accordance with all existing laws and legislation.

This is why you should only buy them from registered companies that have guarantees that their product is done correctly and that you won’t have any issues with the law enforcement agencies. If you do this, you’re all set to go. The bottom line is that they’re perfectly legal, and this shouldn’t pose a reason why you shouldn’t try adding another dimension to your vehicle. It could change the way people look at your care, which can be an excellent way to attract the desired attention.