The True Story behind that Viral, painfully awkward Eraser Moment

CeeDee Lamb y Crymson Rose durante el draft de la NFL

Sports fans have struggled to find new content during the coronavirus pandemic, considering that most professional leagues are postponed or suspended. Fortunately, sports news shows can cover other big developments as fans look forward to new games. One of those significant moments was the NFL draft.

While it’s exciting to discuss how recruits will team up with their new teams, the 2024 draft also blessed viewers with a phone capture that quickly went viral. University of Oklahoma wide receiver CeeDee Lamb was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the first round. Normally, his mind would be consumed with thoughts about starting his NFL career. However, he is now in the spotlight for a viral video.

As Lamb and his family sat in the living room, patiently waiting to hear great news on draft day, he was preoccupied with one phone on his ear and one on his lap. It was then that his girlfriend Crymson Rose lifted the phone in his lap, prompting him to retrieve it immediately. Those athletic reflexes really came into play, huh?

Well of course the internet had a picnic. Twitter and Instagram populated memes about Rose as a suspicious girlfriend, snooping on her man’s phone for information. And that start seemed easy enough on his part. Maybe you’ve done that before? Or at least that’s something people joked about on social media. As funny as the memes have been, according to the couple, it really wasn’t.

CeeDee Lamb and Crymson Rose talk about viral video

Both CeeDee Lamb and Crymson Rose tweeted and retweeted some posts about the thrill of being drafted by Dallas. However, they did not leave it at that. They also used social media to try to control the damage. The footballer retweeted one of the memes and added, “You all really had to relax, it wasn’t even like the day,” along with a thumb-down emoji.

Rosa tweeted , “His agent was FACING him while on the phone with the Cowboys, I was doing the GF thing to answer for him. Sheesh. So in essence, she was just being a good girlfriend, trying to make sure Lamb didn’t miss an important phone call.

Some of her friends defended her intentions, writing, “If they knew how pure and sweet Crymson was, they wouldn’t be in it like this … literally a heart of gold.” This post prompted Rose to quote that tweet and reply, “Those who know me know! I love you “. The world will think about what it wants, but really everything is fine between the couple.

TMZ reported that they shared a kiss on Instagram Live later that night. The couple’s united front probably won’t stop the memes, but it seems like these two are pretty solid, regardless of what the internet is saying. Also, the whole situation is a kind of win-win situation. The wide receiver was a first-round pick and went on to star in a popular meme.

Crymson Rose’s former Trae Young teased phone theft

In addition to all the NFL fans who teased Crymson Rose by grabbing CeeDee Lamb’s phone, Trae Young got into the live tweet. Like Rose and Lamb, the NBA player attended the University of Oklahoma. Not only that, but the NBA player used to date Rose, according to Complex .

Even with that said, it seems like the Sooners’ athletic bond surpasses any kind of sibling code when it comes to dating exes. That young night he tweeted, “Ceedee or Jerry first? Do you know who I move with ?! »The Atlanta Hawks player is also aware ,« FINALLY !!!!! Ceedee in Dallas… my boy @ luka7doncic will take care of you fam !!!! CONGRATULATIONS! »

However, it didn’t just add those supporting posts to the timeline. He had a little fun with the viral video situation. Young enough I had to , since he knows the two people involved, right? At the beginning, he at running , “Give me that Iykyk.” That acronym at the end means “if you know you know.” But, in case someone didn’t know, Young made things very clear with a Pio follow-up. This time, he made sure to include a video of that infamous moment instantly. Young wrote: “Bruh said ‘nahhhh what you do'”. Well, at least he also released those support tweets.

When it comes to that, all advertising is good advertising, right? Lamb has had a memorable start both in the NFL and on the Internet.