Which Celebrities Play Blackjack?

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Can you imagine leading the celebrity lifestyle? The parties, the high-life, and everyone wanting to get your picture.

Celebrities know how to have fun, and if you catch them around a casino, it’s entertaining to see what happens, especially if they feel like spending money.

Celebrities take different approaches to gaming. Some like playing a few hands of poker in the back room with the high-rollers. Others like getting out onto the floor to experience the crowd’s vibe and action while they roll some dice.

Blackjack was a traditional card game with roots in the French 18th century when the game was called “Twenty-One.” However, it’s one of the most established and popular card games, and the celebrities seem to love it.

Do you want to know which celebrities love playing blackjack? We curated this list of A-listers that might inspire you to play free online Blackjack here.

1. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

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This dynamic duo were best friends, and in the nineties, they went on a tear, producing movies together, and partying together at the Las Vegas strip.

Matt and Ben are familiar with their way around the blackjack and poker tables after selecting roles in movies where they portray casino owners and punters in the film “the rounders.”

Damon had the starring role in the movie. Both have actual experience playing in The World Series of Poker on the strip and several other prestigious blackjack and poker tournaments.

While Damon was preparing for his role, insiders say he lost tens of thousands of dialers at the tables learning to play and dissect the game. Damon is known for testing his bluffing and betting skills against the best players in the game and high-rollers willing to raise the stakes to intolerable levels.

Both Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are regular players in Vegas and Atlantic City, and you never know when you might bump into one of them having a few hours of fun.

Legend has it that Matt and Ben played a table at the Hard Rock in Florida, raking in nearly a million dollars in a single evening during a private high-stakes blackjack tournament. The hands were over $20,000 each, and they ended up tipping the wait staff more than $100,000.

2. Dana White

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As the CEO of the UFC, Dana White lives and works in Las Vegas. His company hosts regular weekly events in the city of Las Vegas.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Dana was a frequent visitor of casinos across the strip. He’s known as a ruthless card player, specializing in poker and blackjack, with extraordinary good luck at the tables.

There were multiple sightings of Dana at blackjack tables, and the infamous fighter Colby Covington notoriously interrupted him in the middle of a game while filming his blog. That didn’t sit well with the UFC president, and Colby ended up in hot water for the clip.

The rumor is that Dana rakes in so much cash at the tables, he’s received his “walking papers” from several venues, banning him from playing in the establishment. Dana is like his athletes who fight in the octagon; only he takes down casinos, not people.

3. Michael Jordan

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Air Jordan is another sports icon that loves spending time at the blackjack table. The former Chicago Bulls legend and 90’sd basketball icon is a huge gambler, and he’s known for taking massive stakes at the tables.

Some friends say MJ has a bit of a gambling problem. He’s known for betting on anything, including losing millions of dollars in “friendly” rounds of golf. He’s also spent millions of dollars in the world’s most popular casinos, playing and winning at the tables.

There are rumors that Michael moved away from basketball and decided to take up baseball because he was betting on his basketball games.

This practice violates NBA rules, and Michael rather moved to baseball to allow him to keep betting on his team and his performance.

4. Don Johnson

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This nineties movie star was famous for his role in Miami Vice, where he played a charismatic personality, driving his white Ferrari around town.

Every American male wanted to be Don Johnson in the Nineties, from Jordan Belfort to Joey Diaz.

Don Johnson was an influential Hollywood icon for many people. However, we bet you didn’t know that he was a huge blackjack player? While don is no-longer the Hollywood A-lister of his former years, he’s now a gambling superstar.

Don has some serious skills at the blackjack table and a boat of good luck following him around the casino. Some tabloids estimate don Johnson made over $15-million at the tables since taking up the game.

5. Paris Hilton

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The blonde socialite, and heir to the Hilton fortune, has a reputation for her illicit sex tape that leaked in the nineties. Many people believe Paris “leaked” the video herself to gain superstar status on the Hollywood A-list.

While we’ll never know if she did it, she got the intended result, and she’s been a public figure in the media ever since – even if it is in some compromising positions.
Today, Paris sees herself as a singer, actress, and businesswoman with the world at her feet. However, she’s also a fan of spending time in the casino, and her favorite game? – Blackjack.

It makes sense that the blonde airhead would choose a simple game like blackjack to play at the table while she’s hammered with her friends.

The rumor is that Paris earned $100,000 for a DJ gig at a Las Vegas club and then took it to the tables, where she proceeded to lose everything.

6. 50 Cent

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This superstar rapper of the nineties may have lost his relevance in the hip hop game, but he still likes flaunting his wealth on Instagram.

50 “Shot” to fame in the nineties after a gang-related shooting launched his rap career, taking him away from a criminal lifestyle of drug dealing and murder.

While 50 Cent might be the kind of guy you’d expect to see at a corner dice game, he actually prefers the blackjack table.

Fifty once revealed in an interview that he likes to start with $5,000 hands when betting on blackjack games, and he spends an average of $70,000 at the tables every time he visits the casino.