6 Interesting Facts about 4D Number Plates

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It is not a secret that living without a car or any other vehicle is almost impossible in today’s world. However, being a car owner doesn’t mean you are a car enthusiast. Car enthusiasts consider their vehicle as a member of the family. They would not hesitate to invest more money to make it unique.

There is a quiet competition between all passionate car lovers. They feel bad when someone around them has a better car. Of course, they would rarely show that emotion in public. Yet, that doesn’t mean they would not find a way to make their car even better.
We are not talking here about the improvement of car parts and similar moves. There are some other entertaining ways to improve the look of your car. One of those ways is getting 4D number plates. Still, this “invention” is relatively new on the market. Even car enthusiasts are not sure what exactly they are.

That is the reason why we would like to share some interesting facts about 4D number plates with you. If you would want to see how different models look, we recommend you visit here after reading this article. You will easily notice that there are different types of 4D number plates you can choose from. But, before that, let’s find out some interesting facts that every potential buyer should know.

4D Doesn’t Have Anything IN Common with Movies

Image source: unsplash.com

We believe you thought that 3D and 4D number plates have something to do with movies. If that’s the case, then we need to say you are wrong. More precisely, they do not make your vehicle look more “realistic”. Because of that, you can be sure they won’t move and vibrate.

The term 4D stands for a different type of font. More precisely, they are an improved version of the 3D number plates that people are using for years. The manufacturers use laser-cut acrylic to raise the letters and numbers on the number plate. In other words, your number plate will become more noticeable while you drive. If you want to improve the design of your vehicle and make it unique, you will hardly find a better solution. It is a stylish and fresh option that will grab the attention of many people.

Difference Between D and 3D Plates

We believe this subject deserves more attention. 3D plates come with a gel polyurethane resin. The manufacturers apply the gel to the characters and make them look shiny. On the other hand, as we said, 4D number plates are cut by a laser. Because of that, they get a raised appearance that many people like.

They Are Legal

We can all agree 4D number plates are one of the newest inventions in the car industry. However, that doesn’t mean they are illegal. Of course, that doesn’t mean that certain regulations do not exist. First of all, plates must be made of reflective materials. Despite that, the characters on the plate need to be black while the background is white or yellow. These rules will ensure that you purchase the plates in the right place. It would unfair to say that some people are trying to attract buyers with attractive designs. Yet, if you purchase a number plate just because it looks different, that means you are ready to break the law.

The rules do not only talk about colors. All 4D number plates need to have a particular space, size, and height. The size of the characters on the plate also matters. Because of that, we recommend you check the official website of your government and check the law.

The Materials They Are Made Of

We believe you would want to find out more about the materials they are made of. That is another factor that directly influences the quality of the plates you plan to purchase. In most cases, the letters on the number plates are made of glossy acrylic. The manufacturers use the laser to cut the characters and make them look special. Thanks to the features of acrylic, you will get different benefits. For instance, you can be sure they are shatterproof. Despite that, most of the plates are UV tested. The UV rays cannot reduce the quality of the plates in any way. Because of that, you can be sure your plates will be durable. Things like scratches, cracks, and chips will not be your concern. Of course, all these rules count only if you find the right supplier.

Show Number Plate and 4D Number Plates Aren’t the Same

Here is an interesting and essential fact about 4D plates that you need to know. Show plates are also an attractive option for many people. At first glance, they may look the same as 4D number plates. However, that doesn’t mean they are legal. The creators of these items use different styles and materials to get the final product. However, driving them on the roads is illegal. Do not forget some of the rules every driver should know. You can use these plates only for the static display. Driving a car on the roads with them may be attractive, but it is illegal.

They Are Not Expensive

As we said, 4D number plates look stylish, fresh, and attractive. Some people will even say they look luxurious. The good news for an average person is that they are not expensive at all. Of course, the price is not the same in all places. In most cases, you will manage to find those that cost around £50. Yet, some manufacturers will offer you even a more affordable price. That is another reason why we recommend you check the link we attached above.


Image source: autocar.co.uk

We are sure these six interesting facts about 4D number plates will be enough to convince you there is no reason to hesitate. The first goal you will achieve is making your vehicle look different and unique. Despite that, you will add more style to your car as well. People will notice you on the roads, and you will easily win in the quiet competition we previously mentioned.