8 Most Common Misconceptions About Adult Movies

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The movie industry is a very lucrative one. The going rate is about $18,000 to $25,000 for a female and upwards of $100,000 plus for a male actor or actress in the business. These movies are long-form films that last anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours depending on their content. But what is it really like working in this multi-billion dollar industry? Here are eight common misconceptions about watching movies.

1. What they do isn’t real

In actuality, these actors and actresses have to be good at acting to make the scenes look realistic – otherwise, it just looks cringeworthy. However, sometimes you can see them breathing heavily because while she may be acting like she’s enjoying herself, she’s not actually enjoying herself.

2. Adult studios don’t care about the actors

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In reality, they make sure that everyone is safe and happy. Of course, there are cases where directors have been known to cause actresses trouble but it isn’t completely accepted in this industry. In fact, many film companies will require STD testing before shooting anything just to ensure everything runs smoothly because they don’t want any issues. The girls and guys in these movies know what they’re getting into when they do a scene and if someone passes out or does something dangerous then that could mean that their contract with the said studio is voided and no longer valid which could result in them losing all future revenue opportunities from the said studio. It isn’t common for this to happen, but it does exist and is taken seriously.

3. They don’t need to be strong

According to TopPornGuide.com since the industry is very competitive with hundreds of aspiring actresses hoping to make it big, girls who are petite will typically try to dress up as ‘grown-up’ as possible even if they’re still minors – which can cause trouble at times because some directors like mature looking girls and not teenagers trying to look like they’re in their twenties. These actors and actresses also have to do a lot of different types of scenes from solo scenes all the way up to intercourse so strength isn’t everything either since they have time limits for how long each scene lasts. If she doesn’t look strong or sound convincing enough, then that’s not good for her.

4. They don’t need to be attractive either

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This is a very quick way to make an aspiring actress lose steam since looks aren’t everything. What’s more important is personality and acting ability because looking attractive doesn’t mean anything if she can’t hold the director’s attention long enough before he starts getting bored or loses interest in what she has to offer. In fact, there are actors and actresses who have gained popularity from people online just by their name alone despite having average bodies, which shows that Hollywood isn’t all about looks either. Actresses also have to sign privacy agreements so no one will know exactly how they look under a robe or a dress during a red carpet event. All you’ll see is them walking around in high heels and revealing dresses which can make them look more attractive than they actually are.

5. They only have to do one type of scene at a time

In actuality, they have to do a wide range of different types of scenes from masturbation scenes all the way up to intercourse. Sometimes it’s something simple like solo acting, other times it could be full-on intercourse with multiple positions – sometimes even anal. If she has to play the role of an older woman, then she has to research what older women typically act like or how their body moves when they walk in order to keep her level head and maintain composure in front of the camera. Male actors, in particular, must not ‘come’ too early because that makes his character look weak – so he must tolerate the sexual act for at least ten minutes before ejaculating to avoid destroying the entire scene. Of course, there are some actors who can last longer than others but they still have their limits.

6. They only get paid when they do scenes

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It isn’t uncommon at all for an actress to earn enough money just from getting representation through one studio alone which means that she’ll be able to get other roles in movies or TV shows unless her contract specifies that she’s not allowed to work with any other companies under penalty of $10,000 fine which would then result in a breach of contract. How much money? Well, it depends on how famous the actress is if they’re going to be paid $3,000 for a scene or $8,000. Actors typically get paid between $500 to $1,500 per scene but there are some exceptions to this rule as well.

7. They don’t need education either

There are actors and actresses who never graduated high school – One example is Ron Jeremy who has been in the industry since 1999 and has an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars. This just goes to show that anyone looking for quick cash should consider joining the adult film industry because you can make up to six figures even if you’re not educated at all. The average person usually makes around $40,000-120,000 per year doing assuming they have an agent who negotiates prices with producers because that number can go up or go down depending on the person’s profit percentage.

8. They don’t have to worry about being exploited either

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Since the industry is dominated by men, it goes without saying that they’ll take advantage of the women working under them if given half a chance. There are actresses who claim that they were raped during one of their shoots where they didn’t have any other choice but to lay there and take it since no one would believe their story because everyone in the industry was drunk off their asses, including themselves. This usually ends up with these girls getting blacklisted in Hollywood unless she decides to take legal action.


The entertainment industry is extremely competitive, to say the least. However, it shouldn’t be completely written off as a career option for women who want an easy way out because there are many negative aspects to consider – one of which is social stigma where people will judge you for your career choice.