The Mighty Mercedes-AMG G Wagon

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The Mercedes- Benz AMG G class also called the G-Wagon is a four-wheel-drive mid-sized SUV that is manufactured by Magna Steyr in Austria and sold by the German brand Mercedes-Benz. Around certain markets, the G Wagon is known as Puch G.

Anyone can easily spot a Mercedes-Benz G class for its box-type styling and body on frame construction. The G Class is the longest produced vehicle in the history of Daimler which is the parent company of Mercedes-Benz.


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The development of the G-Wagon began in the year 1972 with an agreement between Daimler-Benz and Steyr-Daimler-Puch in Graz, Austria. After all the prototypes were released and testing, the production of the G Class began in 1979 at Austria.

After this, the G-Wagon became a massive hit and has also served as a popemobile. Over the years, more and more refinements were added to the car. By the year 1986, more than 50,000 units of the G Class were manufactured. In 1989, a new variant with a permanent four-wheel drive was introduced to mark its 10th anniversary.

In the year 1999, a limited edition powered by a V8 engine called “G500” classic was introduced to mark the 20th anniversary. A multifunction steering wheel was also added to all the models.

Introduction to AMG

The AMG version of G Class was launched in the year 1993 as the 500 GE 6.0 AMG. The engine of this car did not have an impressive output and only 13 units were built.

AMG then entered in co-operation with Mercedes-Benz in 1993 and had the same engine as the C36 AMG and E 36 AMG. The first G Class that was introduced with the V12 engine was the G63 AMG V12. Mercedes-Benz then introduced the G55 AMG along with G500 in 2001-02. Both cars looked the same and to differentiate them, AMG revised the G55 in 2005 by adding the supercharger to the 5.4 lire V8 engine improving the output of the car. AMG also made some exterior changes to the car.

For the year 2012, AMG replaced the 5.4-liter V8 engine with the new 5.5 liters Biturbo V8 for better fuel consumption and lower emission. Many changes were made to the G63 AMG to give it a more “brawl” appearance. The G65 AMG was only the third passenger vehicle to have a V12 engine. The G65 looks the same as the G63 apart from just some minor cosmetic changes.

Today when you spot a Mercedes-Benz AMG G Wagon, it will very promptly strike your eyes even after having a simple box-type design. Mercedes-Benz has worked a lot on the appearance of the car while it is on the move. The car looks extremely powerful and muscular at the same time.

The Mercedes car price for the AMG G 63 is close to 2-2.5 crore rupees and is one of the most expensive cars that the German brand offers in India. But also the features, comfort, and luxury that the brand offers justify the Mercedes car price in India.

What makes the G Class special?

The letter G stands for Graz and it is where this car was born. The G Class has overcome some pretty tough challenges for an SUV to conquer and is known as the best luxury off-roader.

The G Wagon is an absolute performer in off-road conditions and its unique design allows the car to be tilted till 35 degrees and can climb on inclines till 45 degrees. A steep slope, a shallow river stream, rocky mountains or deserts, nothing can stop the power of the Mercedes-Benz AMG G Wagon.

The interiors of the G Wagon is the place to be with ample space and comfort for all the occupants. It is a perfect vehicle for enthusiasts who like an unusual design combined with luxury.

Some elements in the car speak about the legacy of the G Wagon like the grab handle which has always been in the car since its existence. The spare wheel, door handle and indicators also play a significant role in the design of the car.

In the year 2013, G63 6×6 was launched and the G-Class became the king of the desert.

Besides the obvious all-terrain advantages of the G Wagon, the image and the style of this German beast is respected and loved all over the country. No matter if you are a rockstar (rap star rather) or simply made it big. The G Wagon will let everyone know. Since it obviously has more than one seat to fill, you should double down and make sure to bring the right company for the ride. Via the Ivana Models Escort service, you will find the perfect beauty to ride shotgun with you. The enchanting ladies will fit right in and make that G Wagon experience just excellent.

What’s inside the G Wagon?

The backbone of the G Wagon or the G Class is the iconic robust ladder frame. For the Mercedes-Benz car price in India, you can always be assured when it comes to the built quality. The ladder frame is made from a steel sheet that is up to 3.5mm thick and is suitable for tough off-road utility.

The new Mercedes AMG G Class is made to overcome the toughest conditions. It has a low range gearbox that adjusts the shift changes of the 9G-TRONIC transmission to drive in off-road terrain. All you have to do is press the low range button in the centre console of the cockpit. The axle architecture of the car also offers better dynamics enhancing the performance to another level.

Elements of the G Class

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The LED High-Performance headlamps are common across all G Class cars. The lights are powerful and smart at the same time enabling you to have the best view of traffic. The radiator grille is one of the major highlights in the car. The louvres are finished in fine chrome that is truly eye-catching.

Interiors and more:

The latest Mercedes-Benz AMG G Wagon has a three-spoke multifunction sports steering wheel wrapped in Nappa leather and equipped with touch controls. According to, the COMAND Online system takes care of the infotainment, navigation and communications of the car. The car also has a 31.2 cm high-resolution display for the multimedia system. You can also connect your phone to the multimedia system via the smartphone integration feature.

Other exclusive features like the ambient lighting, Thermotronic AC, and Mercedes Me Connect make the Mercedes AMG G Wagon worth the cost. The G-Wagon also has numerous features when it comes to safety.

The AMG variant of the G class like any other AMG car has to have some special additions to the car. AMG flared wheel arches, perforated front brake discs, sports exhaust and much more are included in the AMG package.

The Mercedes AMG G-Wagon stands out among other luxuries SUV’s and has a special place in the hearts of Mercedes-Benz lovers.