Useful tips to Help you Wear Blazers Better

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Previous decades have made the all-classic blazer seem like a fashion item out of place. Widely popular until the mid-1990s, blazers were always viewed as very formal and thick fashion pieces, with not much room for variety. However, times have changed indeed; and they are coming back strongly, thanks to their availability on both offline and online stores such as Lily Lulu Fashion.

Even though formal blazers have plenty of trendy additions today, the story is quite different when it comes to the informal ones. That is exactly why we see more women (and men) today sporting them even on the most casual of days when hanging out with friends. This begs the question: how exactly do you wear them when you are not donning them for work? Here are some tips that will hopefully help you and make you look stylish when wearing the blazer.

Different varieties of blazers

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They are not just one type; they actually come in a variety of fabrics, cuts, prints, and colors, so you have an endless list of options when making a decision. Regardless of your final choice, it is essential to know what will look best on you. The different varieties of the blazer are:

Single Buttoned/Breasted blazer

This blazer type has one button which connects both sides of the coat. Its main advantage is that it suits all body shapes, as well as occasions. If you are not wearing it at work, you can choose a style and fabric that is slightly informal.

Double Buttoned/Breasted blazer

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These are the more popular option compared to the single buttoned blazer, although they are extremely formal. They also have more fabric, and they will cover your shirt.

Peplum blazer

These are a very fancy and feminine choice, as they take a peplum cut shape. They are available in formal and casual variants and will look best when paired with pencil pants and formal skirts.

Denim Blazer

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These ones are available in many styles and designs to suit different personalities. If you are thinking of buying one to add to your wardrobe, then consider purchasing the classic plain denim blazer as you can experiment with different styles.

Waterfall blazer

They come with varying lengths, designs, and styles so that they can enhance the beauty of any feminine outfit. You can opt for the waterfall blazers for both casual and formal occasions as they have a plethora of color combinations in them. Most importantly, you can choose them as per your height and pair with t-shirts to elevate the vibes of your look.

Cape blazer

It gives a fashionable appearance as you drape it over the shoulder rather than actually wearing it. It suits mostly the formal attire as it provides a professional vibe to the wearer. You can pair the cape blazer with a button-down shirt and formal pants or with a dress.

Leather blazer

They are the must-have for every fashion-forward woman as they are classic and versatile. The best thing about a leather blazer is that it gives an edgy look without much effort on the wearer’s side.

Tips to wear blazers

With a button-down shirt

In the past, many people associated blazers with wearing a formal suit, but the times have changed – and people’s mindset has changed as well. Even though there is nothing wrong with sporting a matching suit, it is more common to see people wearing separate parts of a look. For instance, you can pair the blazer with a button-down shirt and a pencil skirt or pair of pants when you are going to a meeting.

Informal blazer with leggings or skinny jeans

If you aim to flaunt your legs in a pair of jeans, especially skinny ones, then choose the single-breasted blazer. You can go for a casual shirt to complete the look. You can also take a look at a notch higher by changing the jeans and opting for a pair of jeggings or leggings instead.

Wearing it with a turtle neck t-shirt

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Turtleneck t-shirts are the quintessential statement of elegant fashion while remaining flexible enough to wear in both casual and semi-formal settings. You can increase their cool factor by adding a stylish blazer of your choice and complete the look with converse shoes to add a casual-friendly look.

With a white t-shirt

If you are going to work or college, you can wear a single buttoned blazer over your usual blue jeans and a white t-shirt. This look is very simple but goes a long way to add some timelessness to your look, and you can amp it up through adding some delicate jewelry and solid shoes.

Denim blazer with different outfits

This one looks chic and youthful when you pair it with a plain t-shirt or shirt. Moreover, you can pair it with dresses, jeans, skirts, or leggings to stand out from the crowd.

Sequin blazer

If you are going for a party and want to create a party look, then having a crop-top style sequin blazer can transform your look in an instant. If it, itself has simple sequin borders, then you can wear a sequin tank top, or even opt for a jumpsuit or a basic top like a tube top. Complete the look using a sling bag, wedges, and lipstick.

V-Neck t-shirt

This style may look retro, but it is definitely reliable. You might want to layer your look when wearing a V-neck t-shirt, so using a blazer (can be either a double or single buttoned) can complete the look. Make it oversized for even greater effect.

With boots:

You can pair the leather blazers with jeans and combat boots while going on long bike rides. If you want to carry a casual look, pair it with a midi dress and ankle boots for the perfect look.

In conclusion, blazers are not outdated pieces of fashion. Hopefully, this also gives you some ideas of how to experiment with them and create a fun look that you can always go back to when you need it.