6 Useful SoundCloud Tips & Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

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The days when people used a platform called “Myspace”. Everyone who is old enough to remember the good old times when this was the most significant platform for streaming music. We can see that it still exists and that there are people who use it, but it is simply not as popular as it was back then. For a couple of years, there wasn’t anything like Myspace for people interested in this sort of entertainment.

Until something magnificent happens, a group of developers from Stockholm, Sweden have introduced a new platform called SoundCloud to the public back in 2007. Surely, we are not talking about something that became an instant hit. However, after a couple of years, it became the most popular platform of this type.

It is a never-ending source of music, you can find practically anything, both the most popular artists and those who are trying to build their career from scratch. In case you would like to use a tool to download these songs, you should take a look at Bigbangram. Now, we would like to provide you with some useful hacks that can help you make the most out of this platform. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Connection With Other Social Media

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We are talking about a platform that will help you promote your music most efficiently. At the same time, SoundCloud will provide you with a chance to connect this account with other social media accounts you have. You will see that this is a great way for you to promote your music to more people than before.

That way, all the music you post on SoundCloud will be immediately shared to other accounts. Not only that more people will hear these songs, but people will have a chance to learn more about you. Surely, we are talking about one of the most important aspects of promoting because fans want to associate with the artists they love.

2. Use Tags

Sure, you have noticed that SoundCloud uses tags like it is the case with a plethora of other social media platforms. Sadly, we can see that a lot of artists present on this platform don’t use these. But, it needs to be said that this is a crucial part of your promoting strategy. We don’t mean that you should use tags that are used by anyone.

Instead, try to use some that can reach other people but that are not the most popular ones. The reason is simple, if you use a tag that is used by millions of artists from all over the world, chances of you being spotted are rather slim. We can draw an analogy with this approach and SEO used for Google. Therefore, you can see how effective this approach can be. Don’t hesitate to use it.

3. The Engagement

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The next tip we would like to talk about is engagement. That means that you should be active on your account. There are numerous examples of artists that were on SoundCloud and who succeeded in their goal by being creative and active.

However, all of this wouldn’t be possible if they weren’t as engaged as they were. Reaching out to other artists is something you should utilize. But that doesn’t mean that you should have communication with artists and no one else. Just think about it, the more people hear about your music, the chances of it reaching more people get significantly higher.

4. Private Shares

One of the most useful features SoundCloud offers you is the option of sharing your music privately. That means that only a handful of people can hear the track you’ve posted. It is done by checking a couple of fellow artists who can listen to what you’ve posted.

Alongside that, we can see that this is a great way of having communication with artists who collaborate with you on some tracks. They will be able to hear your part of the song on this platform, but no one else can do that. Therefore, you should use this feature whenever you can.

5. Check Demographics

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As is the case with a wide array of different social media platforms, SoundCloud will offer you a chance to know who is interested in your music. How can they do that? Well, you will have a chance to take a look at some analytics. One of the segments is that you can check the demographics.

We are talking about a crucial part of compiling an effective marketing strategy. Not only that, but this is something you can use to enhance your musical expression. By knowing who is interested in listening to your art, and you can predict your future steps, without compromising your creativity in the meantime.

6. Make Shares Count

Last but not least, we would like to talk about an aspect we believe is often overlooked by many artists who use SoundCloud. The highest percentage of them are sharing their music without any idea about how should they do that. Just take a look at some of these shares and you will see that they are posted without any aim and goal in care.

So, you should do that only when you have something significant to share with other people. At the same time, you should share other people’s music frequently. That way, you can spread some good songs to people around you. In the meantime, that artist can do the same for you. We are talking about a win-win situation. With that in mind, you should share something only when it means something.

The Conclusion

Despite this platform exists for over a decade, we can see that some artists still don’t use it fully. Here, you can take a look at some of the most significant tips and hacks you can use to promote your music efficiently. We have absolutely no doubt that all of these methods will bring you the results you’ve always wanted. There are a lot of examples all over the internet that can prove this statement of ours.