Useful Tips for Booking a Car Rental in Malaga In 2024


In terms of vacationers, Malaga is the city where most people rent a car in Spain. The city has a lot of car rental companies for the same reason, and because of the fierce competition, car rentals in Malaga can often be found at very low prices.

Save Money on Car Rentals in Malaga by Booking Well in Advance


With approximately 570,000 people, Malaga is one of Andalusia’s major cities. It has a long history characterized by a variety of people. This is evident in the architecture and cultural offerings of the city and the surrounding area. You can drive your rental car or walk through the many exciting sights and experiences.

Save money on your rental car by booking your Billeje Malaga well in advance. In Malaga, there is fierce competition among car rental companies. As a result, cheap car rentals can frequently be found at extremely low campaign rates. Especially if you reserve your Malaga car rental well in advance, at least four to six months in advance. You usually get free cancellation of your car rental up to 48 hours before collection, which is another advantage of booking so far in advance.

You can rent a car in Malaga for less than DKK 100 per day with a little luck. It even includes free mileage and all required insurance. This implies that you don’t need to ponder the number of kilometers you drive in your rental car during your visit.

Do You Have to Pick Up Your Rental Car in Malaga or at the Airport?

In the event that you just have to utilize your rental car following a couple of days, it is clear to get it from a rental office in the city. On the other hand, if you absolutely need a rental car in Malaga from the very beginning, it might be more practical to order one with airport pickup. About 8 kilometers southwest of the city is this.

The third-largest international airport in Spain, Malaga Airport has good connections to Danish airports. At the end of the arrivals hall, you’ll find a group of car rental offices. When visiting Malaga, this is also where the vast majority of visitors pick up their rental car. Especially if the journey immediately leads to a vacation home in the hinterland or one of the coastal resort towns.

Tips for Renting a Car in Malaga


When you pick up the car, you must have your passport, driving license, and car rental voucher with you. You can also obtain an international driving license to ensure your safety.

When you rent a car in Malaga, you can only use your credit card to pay the deposit.

Credit cards are acceptable, but a security deposit is required to keep cash on hand for use at toll roads.

In many areas of Spain, speed cameras have been installed, and the police will retaliate severely with a cash fine.

In Spain, you can’t drive a car if you’re under 18, and many rental companies charge more to rent to people under 21.

Very much like at home, you should drive with safety belts and kids should be fixed in kid car seats.

In cities, parking can be a nightmare. If you rent a car in Malaga, it’s best to park at one of the major shopping malls. A specific parking permit is frequently required when parking on roads. The Spanish love to stop all over, yet don’t duplicate them if you need to stay away from a scratch.