How to Become a Fashion Designer ─ 5 Useful Tips


Do you want to become a fashion designer but you don’t know where to start? Continue reading and you will discover some useful tips just for you, whether you have experience as a fashion designer or are starting from scratch.

The tips are:

  1. Image upgrade
  2. An internship
  3. Portfolio
  4. Contests
  5. Friends’ help.

You can use all of them at once or just the ones that suit you.

Image upgrade


This means letting go of your imagination. Explore Luxury Fashion looks and try to imagine what you could do differently in them. When you go shopping or look at pictures of new designer collections, try to imagine what you would change in those looks.

“Okay, this is a beautiful dress, but if the sleeves were longer, it would be perfect” or “It wouldn’t hurt to make the neckline not so deep here” or “This sweater would look more interesting if it were more open” or “You should think of some other details instead of these” or “The buttons are in the wrong place,” etc.

Imagine having these things brought to you for approval as the lead designer.

An internship

An internship in a fashion house or at least in a studio is one of the stages of becoming a designer.

You need to try on this profession because often behind a beautiful cover with fashion shows there is a gray everyday life of producing a collection and not everybody is ready for this.

Be ready to do everything you will be asked to do and get paid minimum or even nothing. But this is the only way to fully experience all spheres of this profession. This is world practice, and all the famous designers started as apprentices.

You have to choose the houses you want to get into and contact them with an opportunity to intern with them. Email or call, tell them about yourself, and tell them you are willing to work internships for free for the opportunity to gain experience.



Create your portfolio. This should include the best work you’ve done. This is your business card. Add ideas, sketches, fabrics, and photos of finished products. Always look for an individual style that you will be recognized by!

What are your strengths? Perhaps you have a talent for making accessories or are a genius at sewing designer shoes. Combine your passion with your skills and let everybody see those emerging designer shoes you’ve made!


If you already sew things, it is worth trying yourself in various contests for emerging designers.

You can find many contests for beginners on the web. It is not necessary to win in competitions, it is important to make yourself known and try your hand at something more than just sewing things. And if you win – sometimes the prize can be free education in famous educational institutions. Or money – that won’t hurt too.

Friends’ help


Your friends and family can help you make a career by being your first customers. They can get your creations for free and promote them to others using different social networks. It is as if you get free advertisement but usually more effective. People tend to trust the ones they know, so it means – if you are recommended, you are probably good. Never underestimate word of mouth! It can get you very far. So far that you may even get some famous customers in time.

Wrapping up

If you have talent, use those tips and conquer this world! But do not forget about some education in this sphere. Self-taught designers rarely succeed, even if you are extremely talented, only proper education will make you a real diamond.