8 Unusual Things to do in London Before you’re 30

Image source: unsplash.com

If you’re living in London and are in your 20s, or at least you feel like you are, this list will be the perfect guideline you checking things out of your bucket list. London is a place where opportunities are endless, truly. Whether you’re looking for a job or to have fun, you’ll find something suitable for you. Today, we’re going to focus on some things that you should experience while you’re still young and eager and before some serious adult life comes into play. Before we waste too much of your precious time, let’s get into it.

1. Visit Ballie Ballerson

If you’re in your 20s, you’re right at that crossroad where you want to act like an adult, be all responsible and serious, but then again, sometimes you just want to feel like a teenager again. Well, what if we say that you could feel even younger? There’s a place at Curtain Road that will allow you to do just that, feel like a kid. Ballie Ballerson is an adult-exclusive ball pit, with over million balls and a waterfall so you can dive in just like you did when you were a kid. For those with some extra money in their pocket, there’s a VIP pit. A great addition to this is a selection of various ‘kiddie’ flavoured cocktails and some tasty food as well. You can’t help but ‘ball’ in love with this place.

2. Visit Notting Hill Carnival

When you get bored with regular parties, carnivals come to the rescue. Since at this point it’s already the end of the summer, so you’re very late for a carnival in Rio, you might as well join the biggest carnival in Europe. It’s held during the last weekend of August and it is two days long, although, you can already sense the energy the day before and feel the effects the day after. It starts bright and early and the first day is reserved for family-friendly content, so feel free to visit with your niece or your mom and enjoy some colourful shows. As far as the second day goes, you might want to visit that alone or with friends. That’s when the party starts. It’s going to be loud, colourful and very fun. Considering the people do need to sleep and due to noise regulations, the parade and the music will stop by 7:30 pm and clear out from the streets in the next hour, but that is when the after parties start and you finish it off in grand style.

3. Have a cocktail at the Gong

Image source: unsplash.com

Having a drink in this bar at The Shard is probably not going to be the thing you do regularly, considering the prices, but you have to do it at least once. The Gong is the highest bar in Europe and the view of London is simply remarkable. You’ll have to make reservations and when you do, ask to be seated near the windows, it completes the experience. Cocktails are a work of art, so grab a glass and pose for a photo from almost 300 m above the ground – it’s guaranteed to be a hit on Instagram. And if you fall in love with Instagram-worthy bars, check out Kev’s Best and find out where the rest of them are.

4. Go sledging

This is the activity you tend to forget when you get older and that’s not okay. So, on rare occasions, when it snows in London, make sure you dress warm, grab your sledge and head towards the Parliament Hill. It’s not the only place great for sledging, but it’s over 100 meters, it’s the most fun by far. Also, you can enjoy a wonderful view from the top.

5. Stay out clubbing all night

Image source: unsplash.com

This might seem like a regular thing to do, but it’s not as easy in London. Most of the clubs are closed by 3 am with the only handful of them allowing you to party until the morning, or noon, depending on your stamina. So, if you’re up for this challenge, you’ll need to head down to Fabric. Fabric is the UK’s equivalent of Amnesia, the iconic Ibiza club. Here you can experience a 24-hour rave with some of the world’s greatest DJs. One thing to keep in mind is, this place is like a labyrinth, with all sorts of different rooms and staircases. Arguably the greatest nightlife experience in London.

6. Try out a different kind of karaoke

Usually, you’d go visit a karaoke bar for two reasons, showcase your amazing vocals or your friends dragged you and you had no say in it. It’s safe to say people feel either embarrassed during karaoke performance or strangely confident while doing Elvis impressions. One thing that never changes is that there are lyrics on the screen and you’re going to sing. Well, there’s a different kind out there right now – hip hop karaoke. Made for those who love hip hop and rap and those who can sing to save their life, but still want to get up and perform. You’ll be able to perform everything, from the 90s classics to the modern mumble rap, latter being a great option if you don’t know the words, because, here’s the catch – there are no lyrics. Well, there are, but they’re printed on a sheet of paper and if you’re not familiar with the flow, that thing is as helpful as a lifeguard at a swimming competition.

7. Eat at a fancy restaurant

We’re sure that you’ve had your fair share of medium-rare steaks and other expensive meals by the time you’re thirty, but sometimes you just need something different. London has over 60 restaurants that have been awarded a Michelin star and some of them are a must-visit. If you’re going to do it on special occasions, go for three stars, for instance, Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant in Chelsea, the experience is sure to be memorable and food delicious. Perhaps, if you’re extremely lucky, maybe even get offended by Ramsey himself.

8. Find your favourite pub

When in Rome… In this case London, but you get the point. If you’re a Londoner, you have to have a local by the time you’re 30. Being a newbie at a pub at that age is just not something a true Londoner would ever allow himself to do.

Hopefully, these were some good examples of what you need to have done in London by the time you’re 30. However, don’t stop there, explore for yourself and maybe you’ll stumble upon another thing that absolutely has to be done.