The Story About Prince Charles: Hard Childhood and Scandals

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Prince Charles is the heir to the British crown, and while many consider him lucky to have been born into the royal family, stories from his childhood speak otherwise. Today, the prince is married to his longtime love, he has overcome many family problems, but it is rarely mentioned what Charles went through in his life.

The future king was born on November 14, 1948, as the eldest child of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. After the birth, the queen breastfed Charles, but due to measles, she had to stop, and her son was often separated from her and her husband from that moment on.

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They were often not together for a long time because of the royal obligations that Elizabeth had. Philip couldn’t find too much time for his son either because he had his work to do. While they were together, the prince’s father taught him to fish and hunt. Philip was worried that Charles was mild-mannered and had disagreed for a long time and often quarreled. His father’s behavior towards the prince was assessed by many as violent.

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Charles was educated at home for a time, and when he enrolled in private school, he had many problems and could hardly find friends because of his title. The heir to the crown was harassed by many and ridiculed for his appearance. He did best in a private school in Scotland, and Charles is grateful to the professors who taught him a lot about life.

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He loves polo and competed from an early age, but also suffered numerous injuries in tournaments. As a 22-year-old, he met Camilla Shand at a tournament in Windsor in 1970, and the couple was in a relationship until Charles went to the Royal Navy a year later.

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Six years later, he met Lady Diana Spencer, and they were married in 1981. From the very beginning, their marriage was accompanied by scandals. Charles openly showed his feelings for Camilla and continued to see her throughout their marriage. They finally got married in 2005.

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Today, Charles is an entirely different person than he was 50 years ago, and he enjoys the company of his grandchildren.

According to sources close to the prince, he makes sure that his grandchildren are always happy and want them to have a different childhood from the one he had.

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