The untold truth of Jacob Sartorius’s childhood

Jacob Sartorius

Jacob Sartorius, the YouTuber and singer who rose to fame with his single “Sweatshirt” in 2016, has always been outspoken to fans about his family and personal life. Still, few people remember the time he revealed he was adopted and the details he shared about how that great event impacted his childhood.

In a video just three months after launching his YouTube channel in 2016, Sartorius told his viewers that, although he grew up in Virginia, he was actually born in Oklahoma. “At the time, my biological parents couldn’t take care of me, so they made a plan for me to be adopted,” he explained. “Fortunately for me, I was lucky to be adopted by two of the world’s most loving parents: my mom and dad.”

The star’s parents, Pat and Rolf Sartorius, have always supported him and his career. In fact, the only photo on her mother’s Instagram is of Sartorius and her sister, Caroline Sartorius.

Jacob Sartorius loves his life exactly the way it is

Speaking about his adoption on his YouTube video of August 22, 2016, Jacob Sartorius, who turns 18 in October 2024, said revealing such a personal fact about his life only made him feel closer to all his viewers. He also explained that being adopted does not make him feel differently about his parents, who gave him the best childhood and continued to give him the best life.

“He’s had ups and downs, but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t trade my life for anything,” he said (via Seventeen ). The singer ended his video emphasizing that despite his revelation of the bomb, nothing about him changed. “I’m still me and being adopted is something I’ve never tried to hide or keep secret,” he explained. “My friends and my family have known all this, but I think it is time that you also know … I know this will only bring us closer.”

As soon as he posted the clip, fans and friends filled the comment section with love. Sartorius even turned to Twitter to thank everyone for the support. “These are the times when I realize how strong we are as a family.” He tweeted on August 23, 2016. “Thank you for being there for me when I’m not at the top… I LOVE YOU.”

Jacob Sartorius faced ups and downs as he grew up

Jacob Sartorius had a happy and normal childhood in Virginia. According to The Fact Site , the young singer liked to play basketball and was in love with Selena Gomez. “I think Selena might be perfect for me, but I have to talk to The Weeknd and make sure it’s great with him,” she said. HuffPost in 2017 when asked about his old A-lister crush.

Although he has grown big now, Sartorius has long admitted that he went through a phase as a child when he had braces, suffered from asthma attacks and was being bullied.

In Tiger Bea t In Under19 video # 19 in 2018, Sartorius shared that he had partnered with anti-bullying campaigns to help children like him. “It’s just been amazing working on a real cause that I believe in and that I’ve had to deal with and I know what it’s like to be bullied … so I just want to be one of the voices where people know I went through that too, I was there, “he said.

Jacob Sartorius was made for stardom

In an interview with J-14 in 2018, Jacob Sartorius, beloved by many for his outgoing and friendly personality and approachable demeanor in interviews and on stage, revealed that he was actually incredibly shy as a child. Music helped him get out of it.

“I was shy in the hallways,” he said. «Being uncomfortable was my biggest insecurity. If I could go back and be more confident, it would have allowed me to have more friends and meet new people. ”

In her town of Herndon, Virginia, she always had her small group of friends, but she told the store that she always dreamed of bigger and better things.

According to Rich People , the singer has a net worth of $ 4 million as of April 2024. He also has 9.3 million Instagram followers, 1.5 million Twitter followers, more than 3 million YouTube subscribers, and more than 23 million. of fans on TikTok.