Actor Hagen Mills Kills Himself After Trying to Murder His Girlfriend

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The star of the series “Baskets”, Hollywood actor Hagen Mills, attempted to kill the mother of his daughter Erica Price at their home in Mayfield, after which he took his own life.

Police reported that the actor shot his 34-year-old girlfriend in the arm and chest, but she managed to escape and call the police. The Daily Mail reports that Mills then turned the gun and shot himself in the head.

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Mills and his girlfriend Erica had a four-year-old daughter, Mila. The girl was in the house with them at the time of the attack, as was Erica’s mother. Fortunately, they were not injured.

According to a police report, the actor forced his partner’s daughter and mother to remain indoors until Erica returned. As soon as she entered the house, he fired in her direction before committing suicide. The girl is in the hospital and is in stable condition.

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The troubled actor had previously been known to police and was arrested and convicted of rape in March this year. He ended up in jail, where he was until this Monday, the day before the unfortunate event.

Hagen Mills is from Kentucky, from where he moved to Los Angeles for a while to try to become an actor. He has appeared in several series and movies.