How To Be Prepared In Advance For Valentine’s Day

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With one Holiday season behind it, it’s time to prepare for the season of celebrating love. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it might be good for lovers and their soul mates to start thinking about what they’re going to gift their loved ones come February 14th. Even those with years of experience under their belts (sometimes especially them) can use a little bit of help so they can prepare themselves for the big day. So, if you’re feeling like you could use some help in the romance department, here a few tips on you can be prepared in advance for Valentine’s Day.

Start Planning Early

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Although we believe that you’re quick to think on your feet and you could probably set up a perfect date in a matter of hours and find an even better gift in even less time, it might be good to take some time to set the whole thing up. You know what they say, great things come to those who come prepared. So, if you’re looking forward to having the most amazing, romantic date, you might start planning early so you can be sure that everything will be perfect.

For instance, if you’re intending on spending Valentine’s Day in a fancy, romantic restaurant under the candlelights and with a string quartet playing some mellow jazz in the background, you should probably start making some calls.

Most of the great, fine-dining places will be booked in advance, so, unless you’re counting on a miracle, you better start calling and saving a table for two just as you finish reading this article. You can also visit RestaurantMealPrices if you want to check the restaurant’s menus, prices, and deals.

Don’t put yourself through stress if you don’t have to. It’s much better to start preparing ahead, rather than biting your nails, wondering if all the best places are booked. Even if you don’t plan on dining out and you’d much rather stay at home, plan that night as well. Spontaneous nights are lovely and romantic, but why wing it when you have the time to plan out a perfect night with your partner.

Start Looking For Recipes And Cook A Dinner Yourself

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There’s nothing that says ‘I love you’ more than a meal prepared with a pinch of salt and a fistful of love. If that’s the route you want to take this Valentine’s Day – we’re rooting for you. It doesn’t matter if you know your way around the kitchen or not – it’s the thought that counts. And honestly, even the lousiest cooks (which we assume you’re not one of) can find an easy, simple recipe online and cook a tasty meal for their partner.

Start Looking For Recipes And Then Order The Food

Granted, you don’t have to cook if you don’t want to or know how to. You could have dinner at home and just order food from a restaurant. And the end of the day, it’s not about what’s on the plate – it’s about what’s in your heart. If you do decide to take the order-in route, make sure you call ahead, because, looking at the unfortunate situation we’re all in right now, chances are, many couples will be staying inside instead of going to the restaurant. You don’t want to make a call on the evening of the 14th and be greeted with ‘We’re not taking any more orders’, right?

Make A Lovely Gift Basket

We can all agree that heartfelt gifts are always welcome and what’s better than a basket filled with tiny little gifts? Sometimes, all it takes is a few chocolates, lovely notes, and a flower, but, why not put it all together? Gift baskets are great for those that can’t decide on a single gift.

Now, we’re not saying that gift baskets are to be filled exclusively with miniature candy and love notes. Listen up boyfriends, pay attention to your girlfriends around holidays. If you catch her looking up ‘Valentine’s necklaces for her’, you know what – that’s a hint and you should take it. According to Nano Jewellery, there’s nothing stopping you from surprising your girlfriend with a gift that will last her a lifetime and as you already know – candy bars don’t last that long.

So, make a piece of jewelry a central piece of your basket and fill the rest with some of your cutest pictures, some chocolate, flowers – whatever comes to mind. Just keep in the spirit of the holiday and be creative, don’t worry too much.

Dress To Impress

We can’t talk about the preparation for the big day without preparing your outfit for the day. Although we wholeheartedly love and understand the appeal of sweatpants and hoodies, you might want to spice your outfit a little bit – just for the day. It doesn’t matter if you’re going out or staying in – this day should be about love between you and your partner and you should strive to look as stunning as humanly possible.

If you show up looking as handsome and lovely as possible, you’ll be telling your loved one how much you care for him or her and how much it means to you that they see you as gorgeous as ever. There will be more than enough time to slip into something more comfortable (or out of it) as the night progresses. So, dress up! It’ll be worth it.


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This one mostly goes out to the boys, but not exclusively. Our final advice to you, if you want to be prepared in advance for Valentine’s Day is to listen. Just listen. What we mean by this is, listen to your partner and hear what they want. If want to stay in and just sip some French wine and talk for hours while Sade is playing in the background – don’t plan a grand evening and a restaurant dinner. Just go out and buy some red wine and make a Sade playlist. If you know their wishes and what they’re expecting – preparing should be a piece of cake.

There you have it. We’ve done our best to help you out with this one and we sincerely hope that we’ve managed to do so. If we haven’t, you can always rely on love to help you out.