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The exchange of cryptocurrency is a common procedure that every member of the crypto community has encountered at least once. The fastest way to carry out such operations is on special platforms – exchangers.

Unlike exchanges, they work in a simplified way – without a deposit, and sometimes even without registering users. Unfortunately, not all sites offer quality services. To simplify the choice of an exchanger, we analyzed five popular platforms.

Bitality Resource

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The first service in our rating is the Bitality service. Bitality offers its users a unique design in the style of Mortal Combat. Each of the clients gets the opportunity to exchange instantly at any time of the day. As well as work, technical and customer support works 24/7. A flexible system of discounts is available to regular users.


Waves.Exchange positions as the safest crypto exchange across the world. You can directly purchase Bitcoin and the coins of the platform, different trade pairs of cryptocurrencies, for instance, to observe ltc to btc exchange rate, or transfer your assets to staking and invest your money in cryptocurrencies or the Neutrino protocol directly.

A nice bonus is an unusual way to exchange fiat for cryptocurrency without additional payments. It is uncomplicated, so it is suitable for beginners too. First, we buy USDN without a commission from a dollar card, which is pegged to a fiat dollar in a ratio of 1 to 1. And then we change USDN to BTC, ETH, or another currency, again without commission.


The American project ShapeShift appeared in 2014. To register on the platform, you need to enter your email address and then confirm it. You can start exchanging cryptocurrency assets only after passing the verification. To do this, you have to indicate your full name, date of birth, address and confirm them with scanned documents.

ShapeShift has its own tokens – FOX. They can be obtained for specific actions on this platform, for example, 100 FOX is credited to users for registration. FOX holders receive discounts on transactions within the platform. Among the advantages of ShapeShift is the high speed of operations.


Cryptocurrency exchanger Changelly was launched in 2015. 323 asset exchange options are presented on the platform, including a number of offers to buy bitcoin. The project is registered in Malta. To get started, you need to register. The system only asks for e-mail. There are two types of digital asset rates for a transaction on the platform:

Floating: The system selects the best offer from all available ones.
Fixed: Average value of the market rate. The data is updated every 30 seconds. Sometimes a fixed rate can be more profitable than a floating one.

In addition to the network commission of cryptocurrencies, the site charges 0.25% of this exchange amount. It’s also worth noting that Changelly has a mobile app for Android and IOS.


The German exchanger AlfaCashier was launched in 2012. According to BestChange, there are 547 asset exchange options on the site. AlfaCashier supports work with cryptocurrencies and fiat. A limit is set on the operation, which is adjusted depending on the price of the asset. Every day AlfaCashier offers several exchange options without commissions.

To exchange, you need to select assets, enter an email address, and send an application. If you own an account, you can easily save information about your wallets in the system.


It is known for providing financial solutions, and blockchain technology to all the financial institutes. It is possible to trade digital assets on this platform safely. The components are highly-custom and pre-made for the customers. This platform is well-constructed with cloud-like architecture, which supports different types of cryptocurrencies.

All the transactions from crypto to fiat or vice versa also takes place here. There is a core banking solution in this platform, which helps in promoting self-sufficient assent verification of KYC/AML. It provides a secure digital currency mode and a perfect enterprise platform for handling crypto keys and assets.


It is another multiple crypto-asset exchanging platforms, which offers an excellent exchange service rate. One can access a lot of services and solutions from this platform. This company claims to provide all the necessary software for all types of digital exchanges.

It is well-connected with other third-party providers that help in accessing the considerable crypto market. One can possibly access the entire data of the crypto world. You can trade digital currencies, tokens, or do margin trading. In the market, this platform is known to be highly reputed and popular.


It is known for its perfect management team that deals with finance trading. This technology provider gives all sorts of primary, as well as, secondary help in exchanging digital assets. This platform can easily process more than 1 million transactions every second.

The architecture engine is made with a modular construction that entirely concentrates on world markets. It provides support to various banks, fiat money, and all the payment modes. The biggest bank in the world can use this architecture because of its extreme security. It provides a great exchange service rate as compared to other platforms.

It is another famous name on the list, which has launched a successful crypto exchange business with an excellent service rate. It provides various cryptocurrency and other broker solutions. Anyone can trade in multiple assets like digital, fiat, tokens, forex, etc.

It is combined with the API of various digital wallets like PayPal, Netter, Qiwi, etc., for exchanging the payments. There is an affiliate system that helps in rewarding the trades for all types of referrals. This platform offers liquidity to manage various currency pairs.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to trading digital assets like cryptocurrencies, every person is concerned about the right platform and service rate. It is essential to know whether he is making secure transactions or not. You must go through all the above-listed exchange service rates to trade well.

These platforms are highly reputable and famous, which are supporting people for trading and financial institutions. If you are investing your time and money in exchanging multiple assets, it is better to look for the right platform to do so.

It is worth enough to consider these platforms if you want to stay in a profitable state. There is a benchmark that these exchanges implement for competitive, and cost-effective exchanging. You can compare them with others to know a significant difference and hence, it will be good if you choose them.