Valentine’s Day Gifts Everyone Will Love

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It is almost that special time of year: Valentine’s Day. Of course, you know what that means – if you have someone special in your life, it’s time to show your appreciation for them with a special gift or gesture. However, far too often, that means that you buy something that will make your loved one smile for a second…and then it goes in the trash or a box, never to be seen again.

It’s time to move past that. Thankfully, there are plenty of gifts to get your special someone that they will actually appreciate. Here’s a look at some of the best options.

Custom Arrangements

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Flowers are nice but can be seen as the expected gift of Valentine’s day. Instead, make this classic gift even more special by customizing it to your loved one’s wants and desires. For example, don’t just rely on what the store offers. Get a custom arrangement that is actually filled with things they will like. What flowers do they enjoy? What sorts of foods or candies can you add? How can you customize a flower arrangement so that it will actually be something they want and something more meaningful than a generic arrangement? Furthermore, you can use a custom arrangement as part of a broader gift, such as by including a nice gift that comes with customized flowers.

Gift Baskets

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets as provided by, are another classic and fun gift idea to show your love on Valentine’s day. This time of year you can find gift baskets varieties themed with Valentine’s day wrapping, heart-shaped goodies, and red, pink, and white sweets. Your loved one will certainly enjoy exploring the contents inside the beautifully wrapped gift. Here is a guide on how to wrap presents from

Baskets from experts like Hickory Farms are not only high quality, but also serve as thoughtful gifts that can be custom to your partner. If they like wine, sweets, or are looking for healthier keto or gluten-free options, there are baskets that anyone will love and the two of you can enjoy together.

Restaurant Date

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At the end of the day, many couples love possessions but care more about experiences, and experiences together. As such, look into the possibility of getting a nice restaurant date. Go to your favorite restaurant and have a lovely dinner. If it’s a place you know, maybe call ahead and find out if you can get a secluded booth with candles and roses. Alternatively, find a special, out of the way place that you’ve never been before, and take your sweetheart there. This can be a lovely, brand new experience that you can share together.

If COVID has you nervous, fear not. Get take-out, but set up your home so that there is dim lighting, candles, and lovely music. This can add to the special atmosphere of the day.

Massage Special

In many cases, massage businesses will offer discounts off massages as the perfect gift for your loved one – after all, who doesn’t like massages? Even better: In many cases, these places will offer 2-for-1 massages, allowing you to get massaged with your partner at the same time. This can be an incredible bonding experience. Make a day out of this couples massage, dress in comfy clothes for women and men, go for a day time massage, and then enjoy a casual lunch together.

If you are nervous about getting a massage at the moment or worried that your partner may balk? No worries – in many cases, these massage businesses will allow you to buy a gift card for later use, and you can still wear comfy clothes and enjoy a nice lunch together in the meantime.

A Weekend Getaway

Along the lines of having an experience rather than buying more things that will just take up space in your closet, what sort of travel options do you have available to you? Obviously, travel at the moment is somewhat reduced, but that doesn’t mean that there still aren’t some quick options for you and your loved one. Instead of buying them more things, check out the possibility of taking a quick weekend getaway, and going somewhere nice. There are plenty of experiences open, despite the ongoing issues caused by COVID-19. What about skiing? Or a weekend in an isolated, romantic cabin?

A surprise that will last all-day

Design an all-day indulgence for a loved one. Start with breakfast in bed, take her out for coffee at your favorite cafe. Prepare her lunch, and enjoy a romantic movie in the evening with popcorn. After that, take her to a bedroom strewn with rose petals and scented candles. Of course, this is something you have to do earlier. Let her have her favorite perfume from or a book she planned to buy on the bed. Do your best to feel loved and special, not only on this one but every other day as well.

A few rules about giving:

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  • Give them what they want. If he clearly expresses a desire for a certain gift, give it as a gift. Although it may seem silly to you, if your partner asks for something, fulfill their wish
  • The high price is not a guarantee of satisfaction. Price is the least important as long as you choose something you know your partner will like. Why buy gold jewelry or a diamond ring when you know your girlfriend loves silver? She will appreciate your gesture more because you have noticed what she likes
  • If you decide to buy something on your own and you have never heard your partner say that he wants it, be prepared to explain why you bought it. Beautiful thought is also an experience so the gift itself will gain value. If you’re looking for some movie or game merchandise as gifts, you should definitely check out
  • Announce to your partner earlier that something fun is waiting for him/her on that day. This will encourage joy and positive anticipation
  • The packaging is essential – people are happier when they get a gift wrapped in nice paper and a beautiful bow. They feel more special
  • When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, what you get is certainly important, but it’s the thought and intent behind the gift that counts. Don’t settle for something cliché like a box of chocolate. Instead, buy something unique and special – something your loved one will genuinely value and appreciate.

Remember that the value of a gift is not as important as your effort to choose exactly what will make your partner feel loved and special.