One Day in Strasbourg Itinerary – Top things to do in Strasbourg

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Strasbourg is a historic city in France that is located along the border to Germany. The city serves as the seat of the European Parliament and is the destination of many travelers. As a vacation destination, the city is nothing short of incredible, which is why a closer look at the city’s offerings is necessary.

What’s the best time to visit Strasbourg?

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Planning a trip to Strasbourg often depends on the goals of the individuals journeying to the city. The city is temperate during most seasons, not getting too hot or cold relative to other cities in France. The location of Strasbourg gives it shelter against some of the harsher elements.

The tourism in this city nets hundreds of thousands of people. However, this is smaller than many other French cities, and should not impact travel plans too greatly. It’s important to note that people come to the city for sports, water tourism, museums, and more. There are some major events that take place such as meetings of the European Parliament which garner news coverage. While the city has some sporting events, it’s most famous for cultural events such as music, museums, and cooking. Notably, the city hosts a Christmas market, jazz festival, and cross-cultural events with Germany.

Few facts about Strasbourg:

Strasbourg is an interesting city with a rich history, partially owing to the fact that it neighbors Germany and serves as an economic hub in the region. As mentioned, Strasbourg serves as the host for the European Parliament, and the city is often referred to as one of the four major “capitals” of Europe, despite not being a capital city in France. Interestingly, the Grand Island portion of the city is designated as a World Heritage Site due to its historic aspects and buildings in the area.

Another interesting part about this city is how often it has changed hands. The city dates back to the Roman times and has most recently been fought over as French and German property. That has resulted in many cultures blending in this area, so it’s possible to see various styles of buildings and art while in the city.

Day trips from Strasbourg

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There are several places within Strasbourg that are worthy of day trips. The one thing that most people do is come to the city to lose themselves in the Grand Island. There are so many small shops, interesting people, and historical areas that this section of the city is a day trip on its own. Travelers can engage in tours for the historical areas, learning about the different parts of the city that interest them the most.

Of course, people that love history can explore the numerous museums sprinkled throughout the city. Notably, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, the Historical Museum of Strasbourg, and the Museum of Decorative Arts are all places to explore.
People that love religious areas can explore the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg and the Great Mosque of Strasbourg, the largest mosque in France. As previously mentioned, there are specific tour groups that will cater to people who want a closer look at these religious areas.

Strasbourg is the most romantic place to meet a couple and have a good weekend here. There are couples of different ages and preferences. The city and its inhabitants are open to acquaintances and proof of this is using different networks or reviews on, to find popular resources for singles. If you are in Strasbourg remember that it is a great chance to find your own guide who will show you the places of interest.

One Day in Strasbourg Itinerary: Top things to do in Strasbourg

Arriving in Strasbourg

After you’ve decided on taking a trip to Strasbourg, it’s necessary to establish an itinerary that will take you from morning to night. Arriving in the city is possible through numerous means.

An early morning flight to Strasbourg Airport is a popular way of traveling for many foreigners. For people living in France, using a local cab service like Storky’s can lead them to their hotel, or arriving at Strasbourg Station by train will bring a traveler into the downtown section of the city.

Consider Checking into Your Hotel

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Once you’ve arrived, it’s important to check into a hotel and ensure they have a room prepared for you. The Hilton Strasbourg is a popular destination for this purpose, but those looking to travel in style should consider Hôtel Cour du Corbeau Strasbourg – Mgallery, an upscale hotel.

Grab a Bite to Eat to Refuel for the Day Ahead

Next, a late brunch or lunch should be on the menu, and a short cab ride to La Petite Cuisine will result in access to some amazing menu items. This restaurant is known for its pasta, homemade sauces, and fast service despite being a small place. It’s a “hole in the wall”, but it is a nice place to go.

Use Buses and Trolleys to Get to Your Destinations

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If you don’t feel like walking, then find the nearest Strasbourg Transportation Company buses and trolleys to take you to your destination. Their website is easy to use and you can find translations in many languages!

Take a Stroll Downtown and Shop!

Fortunately, La Petite Cuisine is central to many of the city’s attractions. After eating, one can make their way toward Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg, a famed church. Along the way, they can shop at some of the most popular stores such as Louis Vuitton, Galeries Lafayette Strasbourg, and COS. This is part of the Grand Island of Strasbourg, and it is world-famous for its shops and history. One doesn’t even require mass transportation to access these places; people can walk between the shops because they’re close together.

Visit Historical Areas of the City

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At Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg, which started construction in 1015, visitors will witness an unparalleled example of Gothic art styles. Furthermore, it’s possible to book tours of the cathedral if you want to make a day trip out of it.

For those that just want to soak in as much as possible, you can seek out Musee Alsacien and learn about the local history of the area. Speaking of local attractions, another major reason that people visit the city is to explore the famed University of Strasbourg. If you’re still feeling puckish, you can go to nearby restaurants like Habibi Strasbourg or O Tacos.

The Night Life in Strasbourg

Once the night begins to settle, it’s time to go out and enjoy the city’s vivacious nightlife. Most people enjoy going to Grand Island’s Reserve 1862 or Golden Gate Bar. The former is a beautiful nightclub that serves premium drinks while the latter is a more casual setting that vacationers love. The nightlife isn’t as active as one would find in a city with younger people, but it’s nevertheless enjoyable. Afterward, a cab ride will lead you back to your comfortable hotel room.

Where to stay in Strasbourg?

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While there are numerous hotels in Strasbourg to choose from, one of the best is the Hilton Strasbourg. According to the information available about this hotel, it’s relatively inexpensive on a per-night basis, and it’s less than a 10-minute cab ride from the Grand Island section of the city. Thus, it’s close to everything but not bustling like others.
Hostels are not too easy to find in this area. However, the Hostel Ciarus is often regarded as one of the best for its location relative to the downtown section of the city.

Extra tips for visiting Strasbourg:

When you’re thinking about visiting Strasbourg, it’s possible to do more than visit a historic city. It’s a living, growing place where new shops and ideas are developing all the time. The city is very interesting because it brings cultures together from France, Germany, and other parts of Europe.

If you’re interested in the multi-cultural aspects of Europe as a whole, there is no better city to visit in France. Multiple religions and perspectives are all embraced in this area, and the city is a hub of political activity since it is home to the European Parliament.

Here are some other things to remember about staying in Strasbourg:

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  • It might not be as romantic as Paris, but it’s still possible to meet romantic partners in person and online
  • The city has multiple places to eat, and many of them serve regional cuisine
  • It’s relatively cheap to stay in this city compared with other tourist destinations
  • The city is bustling, but not busy all the time. As such, the nightlife is not as active as in other cities in France

The city is known for being a very safe place.

Strasbourg is not often remembered as being one of the most exciting cities in France. That’s perfectly fine, though. That just allows visitors to be pleasantly surprised by the positive outcomes that they get when they visit. There is more than enough to do in this city for a traveler and tourist. While very productive day trips can be had in this city, it’s best to take multiple trips to enjoy the food, shopping, history, and nightlife. All in all, Strasbourg is not the biggest tourist attraction, but it has enough interesting facets to make it worth the trip.