10 Common Wedding Day Disasters and How Not To Go Crazy

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While we may carefully make plans, things often don’t go quite the way we planned them. This is why wedding accidents are sometimes inevitable. From packing things as dainty as MissToMrsbox.com wedding boxes, to organizing wedding venues, a number of unforeseen circumstances can take place. It is possible to plan well, but impossible to completely control how everything will unfold.

This is why it is important to foresee what problems might occur and consider how to solve each one. We have heard countless wedding disasters stories to know every type of snafu you could encounter. An important thing to remember is that, no matter what happens, do not allow it ruin your celebration. Look at it as just what it was, an accident, and move on. Wedding planners or wedding planning websites can help you minimize your risk. You could also read on for information on some of the most common wedding mishaps ever encountered and what you can do to solve them.

1. Bridal Boxes

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Every bride to be needs a wedding subscription box. This can go a long way in minimizing any snafu that could occur while planning your wedding or even during the wedding or honeymoon. This is because bridal box subscriptions provide you with items you will need from the planning process, through to the wedding and afterwards. From essential items like wedding planners, checklists and wedding emergency kits, to luxury and personalized items like robes, spa essentials and wedding décor. The Miss to Mrs bridal box in particular can be customized to meet the needs of every type of bride. So, when you are thinking of wedding day disasters and how you can keep them at bay, consider getting a MisstoMrs bride subscription box, so you can avoid some of these accidents completely.

2. The Wedding Dress Rips

This is the nightmare of many brides or even any woman going out for an event ever. However, there are a few things that can be done to alleviate this accident or minimize the risk of this happening at your wedding. The first step would be to consider quality. To avoid such wedding horror stories, purchase a dress from a reputable bridal store, and choose a dress that is your actual size, not tight or undersize.

3. A Zipper Breaks

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Keep an emergency sewing kit on hand as these accidents could happen not just to the bride, but to a bridesmaid or even a parent of the couple. With these steps, you should feel a bit more comfortable putting on your dress and enjoying your party with no fear of such a snafu catching you unawares.

4. A Vendor Cancels Without Notice

Another potential wedding day disaster is for a vendor to cancel at the very last minute. This can tank an entire event if not handled properly. The first thing to ensure when securing vendors, is that you hire a professional if possible. Also have a contract in place and read the fine print for any important aspect you might miss. The contract should include a backup plan for any unforeseen eventualities like sickness.

5. You Suddenly Need a New Vendor

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Enlist the help of one of your other vendors. They are usually well informed on the right people to call for an event since they already have the network. This is one of the quickest ways to get things rolling again in a pinch.

6. Bad Weather

It is not a good idea to plan an event like a wedding, or any event for that matter, without a backup plan in case of bad weather. Even with weather forecasts, it is possible for things to go horribly wrong. So, consider a plan B if the weather doesn’t go as you expect it to, especially if you are having a wedding outdoors. Get a tent, be flexible enough to use any nearby cover available. Have umbrellas ready and an usher to escort guests from their car, umbrella in hand. We cannot accurately predict the weather all the time, but we can handle how we react to it, and ensure we have the best celebration ever in spite of it.

7. Car Trouble

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Another thing that is difficult to predict is a car breaking down. So, instead of having your ceremony ruined with a bride or the bridal party arriving unforgivably late, it would be best to have a contingency plan in place for transportation. This could be anything from having a second car on hand for emergencies, or accepting the flexibility of being able to call a cab company if anything unplanned happens.

8. Wedding Cake Disaster

A four-tiered cake can turn into a sideways leaning mess on the best of summer days if not handled properly. To avoid having one of the worst wedding stories ever, like someone or the other dropping the cake, there are a few extra steps you could take to avoid that. For instance, you could have the cake transported separately, and only assembled on the dessert table. That way if even one layer is dropped by mistake, then you will still have a wedding cake, just one tier less. Also make sure that each cake layer has its own dowel, so the tiers are better secured together.

9. You Suddenly Need a New Cake

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Consider ordering cute cupcakes for your dessert table that can also serve as a backup. This can also be an alternative to a wedding cake. They can be arranged in layers if anything untoward happens to the main wedding cake.

10. Lengthy Wedding Toasts

Not all of our loved ones can be professional speakers, and sometimes someone could give a longer than normal or even an inappropriate toast. There are a number of ways to handle this type of wedding problem. You could have a chat with the designated MC before the event, to quickly grab the mic and jump in with a filler whenever notified. There should also be a time limit for every toast and the speaker should be informed beforehand, usually about four to five minutes. Another option, in the absence of an MC, is for the DJ to begin playing music once the speaker’s time is up. This would be an almost seamless transition to music, that also gives the speaker a chance to quickly wrap things up.

From wedding dress mishaps to car problems and snafus with accommodation, not one of many possible wedding accidents should be enough to ruin your special day. With enough planning, you should be able to foresee and avoid each and every one and go on to have the best day of your life.

Author: Valeriya Istomina is a Wedding Forward expert on wedding budgets, etiquettes, ceremonies, and music. If you need tips for wedding planning, she will guide you all the way. She collects analytics and surveys, talks to experts; creates checklists, templates, and gives her take on wedding planning. Her other passions are yoga, photography, and reading.

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