Psychological Injury Claims: When You Need A Lawyer – 2024 Guide

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Daily exposure to elevated levels of psychosocial risks in workers will result in the experience of work-related stress – and consequently, several negative psychological, physical, and social outcomes. In 2024, stress has unfortunately become a part of our daily lives. How does this affect us, and is it possible to get compensation based on psychological injury claims? Do you need the help of a lawyer and when? We will try to answer some of these questions.

Stress Can’t Be Avoided

The achievements of the modern age have brought many reliefs in everyday life – but they also take a toll. Life is getting faster, and the pressure on people is even higher. Stress is inevitable in that equation –  and the consequences it leaves are often inconceivable. Our nervous system first reacts to stress, which sends a signal to the adrenal glands –  which begin to secrete cortisol, the so-called stress hormone. Cortisol is a good hormone because in stressful situations it stimulates both the work of the nervous system and physical functions – so that we would be able to cope with the source of stress. If its increased production is long-lasting, we will inevitably feel the negative consequences. Unfortunately, today in times that we live in –  stress is hard to avoid, especially at work.

Are You Dealing With A Stressful Occupation?

It is almost impossible to find an occupation that is not stressful or a person who has never experienced stress at work. However, not everyone with the same business position experiences the same level of stress. Some people are more resilient than others. On the other hand, some jobs are more stressful than others. It is true happiness is to do a job that is in line with our abilities and potentials – so it won’t provoke frequent defensive and stressful reactions in us. Research shows that the most stressful occupations carry a risk to the health and lives of workers. This is followed by occupations that involve great individual responsibility, for example, for the lives of others or material goods – and then also nursing professions, such as nurses and educators. Employees in managerial positions are also under great constant pressure – which is why the set of symptoms that occur as a result of chronic stress is called the Manager’s disease.

Stress – The Main Cause Of Psychological Injuries At Work

Chronic stress usually slowly but constantly affects our mind – but also our body. Stress at work is one of the most important issues in many countries and different workplaces. Stress has many negative effects, including circulatory and gastroenterological diseases – as well as many psychological problems and low productivity.

What Are Work Stress And Psychological Injuries?

Work stress is a consequence of the poor psychosocial environment in which the work takes place – that is, it occurs due to the exposure of workers to negative psychological, social, and physical influences in the work environment. Those are called the psychosocial risks. Daily exposure to psychosocial risks increases the level of stress which can manifest as physical, mental, and social dysfunction in workers. Stress at work is the result of the interaction of the worker and his working environment. It arises from an imbalance between job requirements and working conditions – and the knowledge, skills, physical and mental characteristics of workers. If the demands that the job places on the worker exceed his capacities and abilities to actively cope with it – the worker will experience a subjective feeling of stress.

Working Stress Claims Are On The Rise

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Worldwide, the number of claims for stress leaves or other psychological injuries at work – has been on the rise in recent years. It most often happens that due to psychological injuries, workers experience several other, physical manifestations – or worsening of the basic health condition. This causes long-term problems, doctor’s treatments, and thus leads to an increase in medical costs. Therefore, there is a significant increase in the number of employees who turn to law firms that specialize in damages.

The increasing number of claims for compensation on this basis – indicates the fact that we are becoming aware of mental health, which is very important. However, according to  Foyle Legal Lawyers, due to the ignorance of the Workcover insurance companies – a large number of workers do not turn to psychological injury lawyers for help when it comes to claims about psychological injuries at work and compensations conditioned by that. This is wrong – because you should be aware of your rights when it comes to cases like this.

Damage Compensation Procedure For Psychological Injuries

Unfortunately, in many countries, Workcover does not offer adequate compensation when it comes to the psychological consequences of working in a particular position. In these cases, insurance generally recognizes an injury at work that may be caused due to stress. But,  psychological injuries alone are sometimes difficult for insurance companies to accept. However, with adequate medical documentation and a good lawyer who is specialized in this legal niche – you can write a claim and exercise your right to damages.

The key elements in such a dispute – are medical records that unequivocally indicate that you have acquired certain problems caused by stress in the workplace, as well as their consequences for your overall health. On the other hand, your testimony is very important, as well as the testimony of witnesses – who will confirm that your condition was caused by work stress.

Mental Health Impairment Due To Work Stress

The mental health impairments that stress at work can cause are widespread, from mild mental well-being to severe mental health problems. They are associated with significant individual and social consequences and affect the mental health and behavior of employees. Good work requires clear rules. This also applies to escalating working hours, stress at work, and time pressure. Employees must be constantly available after work or on weekends, which brings new mental health hazards. Mental stress refers to the side effects of modern working life, as well as the health of employees. That is why today’s psychological stress is increasingly equated with the development of mental illness.


Protection against mental stress at work is just as important as protection against hazardous substances. Stress can affect concentration, can be disturbing, and lead to depression and anxiety. Measures against mental stress should have a much higher priority when it comes to health and safety at work. Work is an important prerequisite for mental well-being. However, due to the increasing occurrence of depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders that are becoming common mental states of employees – many experts around the world are announcing warnings about the endangered mental health of employees in the workplace.