How to Make Your Valentine’s Card Message Special


Valentine’s season sneaks up on us every year, so if you haven’t started thinking about your Valentine’s cards, start jotting down ideas now. So, how do you go about transforming your thoughts into memorable Valentine’s day messages? First, we looked at popular online greeting card stores like to see how they make their cards stand out.

We found plenty of ways to express love and appreciation to our significant other. All you need is the inspiration to add a personalized touch to all your Valentine’s cards.

Ways to Make Your Card Special

There are several ways to send a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift.

One way is to write a heartfelt letter. Another option is to create a unique handmade card with personalized additions, such as photos, notes, and craft items, such as small tokens and treasures.

No matter who you send your Valentine’s card to, there are ways to express your message so it comes from the heart.

Valentine’s Day Card Etiquette


Suppose you’re planning on sending out some cards in the season of love. Think about what to do and what not to include.

  1. You can send a card without a gift! Some believe it’s rude to send a card, but it’s the thought that counts. Your message could be so heartfelt that a further gift isn’t needed. But if you want to, I’m sure your loved one will appreciate something extra too.
  2. Don’t just send a generic card. This is your time to add something personal to it. What common phrases or private jokes do you and your partner share that you know they’ll love to remember?
  3. Make sure to sign each one. Even if you write “Love, Mom,” it makes a difference from just leaving a written message. This will also help your recipient know that your card has come from you.
  4. Include a handwritten note. This makes the card feel personal. You don’t always have to include a handwritten message, but we’re sure your special someone will love to see your handwriting.

Valentine’s Day Messages for Her

If you’re planning to send some love to your special lady on February 14th, don’t forget to make it special. We love to know someone is thinking exclusively of us about our mannerisms, quirks, and individual characteristics.

Include something to let the recipient know you’re thinking about them – a token, a symbol, or a small gift to go with your message.

  • Send flowers. Flowers are a classic choice for expressing romantic sentiments. Maybe your partner has a favorite flower. Why not create a message that shows how delicate she is, like that flower in your Valentine’s card?
  • Compliment her on your card and in person to show appreciation.
  • Describe a memory of them that is very important to you.
  • Write down a few options on how you might celebrate Valentine’s Day and let her choose.

Valentine’s Day Messages for Him


Additionally, there are many ways to express love to your significant male. Whether it’s a romantic dinner date, a surprise gift basket, or even just a simple text, there are plenty of options out there.

But what about those times when you want to get a bit more serious about how special he is to you? Ensure your Valentine’s Day message for him shows how much you care.

  • Include a reference to his favorite movie or sport.
  • Compare him to something to show his strength and stability in the relationship.
  • Boost him up and reaffirm your relationship together.
  • Describe a memory of something you very much appreciated.

Put Effort into Making Memories this Valentine’s Day

You can go above and beyond in a Valentine’s Day message, so don’t be afraid to add a personal touch to your Valentine’s cards and accompany it with other romantic gestures.