Victoria Beckham Got Paid $1.3 Million for Not Joining Spice Girls on Tour

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Victoria Beckham made almost $1.3 million even though she refused to perform with the Spice Girls last year when the group reunited. The 46-year-old designer turned down 13 comeback concerts around the UK but made money off the back of the renewed interest in the band.

The Sun writes that Victoria thus earned more from the Spice Girls than from her fashion brand, which brought her around $880,000 last year. Mel C, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, and Mel B did the concerts without Posh Spice, but she still earned a fifth of the profit made in endorsements and sales of promotional products related to the Spice.

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At the height of their fame, the girls founded their own company, Spice Girls Limited, which they shared equally, which means that they still have equal rights when it comes to earnings. Victoria went through the best of all because she didn’t participate in the concerts, and she got her share of the cake.

“The irony of the payout is that Victoria has become distanced from the Spice Girls as she’s tried to carve out a niche as a fashion designer. But they have become a major source of her income once again as the clothes line falters. The other girls have handed a lot over”, a source told The Sun.

The media has been reporting in recent weeks about the losses of Victoria’s fashion house, which lost $15 million last year alone. The public turned on Posh when she wanted to lay off her employees due to the coronavirus crisis and intended to take state money.