David Beckham’s “Immoral and Vulgar” Tattoos Censored in China

Image source: scoopwhoop.com

Retired footballer David Beckham is proud of his body adorned with numerous tattoos. His fans, especially the female part, are delighted with them and can’t wait to see his nude releases.

However, this opinion is not the same in all parts of the world, so let’s say China has a totally different view of the artworks that David carries on his body.

Image source: youtube.com

One Chinese television station decided to censor all of his tattoos on his naked torso when it recently screened a documentary about his journey to the Amazon rainforest “David Beckham Into The Unknown”.

In the film, David and his best friend Dave Gardner were riding motorcycles on an epic journey through the rainforest. Given the weather, high temperature, and humidity, David often appeared in front of the camera shirtless.

However, on Chinese television, his naked body was “blurred” whether his arms, neck, or chest were in the foreground. The reason was that they are considered to be “immoral and vulgar”.

David is very proud of his tattoos. There are more than 50 of them, on his arms, torso, back, legs, shoulders, and head. Among other things, they contain various designs and inscriptions, including the name of his wife Victoria in Sanskrit, which he tattooed on his arm, and of course, he did not leave out the names of his four children.

Image source: thesun.co.uk

He once said that with his tattoos, he wants to pay tribute to his family and the people he wants to always be by his side.

Also, he adores religious depictions such as drawings of Jesus Christ and guardian angels, which he has in several versions of the neck, arms, hips and back, and some he has used for charity purposes such as a campaign to fight violence against children.

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