Kanye West Joins Black Lives Matter Protests After Donating $2 Million

    Image source: wwd.com

    Kanye West has been facing public backlash for some time now for being a supporter of Donald Trump. So, the rapper confused many when he allegedly appeared at the “Black Lives Matter” march in Chicago. One of his fans shared a video on Instagram showing Kanye in the crowd, which is fighting for justice for the black community.

    Image source: Instagram

    West wore a hoodie, while his face was covered. He called for criminal justice reform and police accountability along with other protesters, AceShowBiz reported.

    “Chicago!!!!!!!!! Marching with Kanye ….Much love to @jaymalgreen for putting this March Together! And shouts to @bluujk23 & @willsomeelse for taking this video. #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloyd #Chicago”, social media user who shared a video wrote in the caption.

    According to the outlet, Kim Kardashian’s husband didn’t have a camera crew with him and didn’t want to be filmed.

    Social media users were confused by his decision to join the march after his supportive comments for Donald Trump. “Don’t he still support Trump? I’m confused,” one wrote in the comments of the video, and another added: “I can’t with Kanye. You can’t support Trump and be protesting against all things antiTrump. Shoutout to Jamal Green he has truly grown since high school days”.

    Another person commented: “You can’t be a supporter of a bigot and then march like how sway”. On the other side, some noted that “Kanye is still black after all”.

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    The rapper set up a college fund for George Floyd’s daughter earlier and promised to fully cover the tuition fees for George’s 6-year-old Gianna. Also, West donated $2 million to George’s family, and the relatives of two others killed African-Americans Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.