The Only Profession That Chanel West Coast Couldn’t Pursue

Costa oeste de Chanel

Chanel West Coast has certainly had an affair while pursuing her rap career. She came out with some killer music and was signed by Young Money. According to her official biography, “music has always been at the forefront of her life.” So for Chanel West Coast, there’s been nothing she wanted more than to be a rapper.

However, she has also had a unique journey with some detours. Her biography says of Chanel: “You might recognize her as the sharp, sweet and vivacious blonde from the hit MTV shows like Rob Dyrdek and Ridiculez’s Fantasy Factory – but don’t let that fool you, Chanel is a passionate music artist, with true love and talent for self-expression.”

So even though Chanel has taken a rap detour to be on MTV, that doesn’t mean her spirit has slowed down. It just shows that she’s good at doing a lot of things and has even accumulated some money along the way. However, it takes true humility to be able to admit when someone is not good at something and Chanel admitted that there is a job she could never do.

Why do Chanel West Coast’s hands prevent her from doing a particular job?

What do hands have to do with something? On a very charming home visit with Weekly Contact, our girl, Chanel West Coast, allowed viewers to enter her glamorous Los Angeles home.

While on tour, she showed off a very glamorous room, where she prepared for all her events, including photoshoots. It was legitimately beautiful and had a makeup-covered dresser, walls full of wigs, and some hot smoking outfits. She also shared that she kept some of her shoes in that room, and said, “These are my Dr. Martens, all my Vans, Converse, Adidas, my striped looking heels.”

Then Chanel said, “I was never a stripper. I wouldn’t have been good at that. My hands are too sweaty. I can’t stay on a pole.”

But while life hasn’t taken the exact route that Chanel thought it would take, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t an incredible journey. As she says in his biography, “The sky is not the limit, it is only the view.” And what better way to enjoy the view than with “raucous” looking heels?

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