Why Are Chanel West Coast’s Poolside Photos Troubling Fans?

    Costa oeste de Chanel

    Who doesn’t love a thirst trap? Rapper Chanel West Coast treated her fans to some steamy poolside photos on Instagram, where she showed off her amazing body, as well as some underboob while wearing a cute pink bikini.

    The rapper and MTV host of Ridiculousness recently treated In Touch with a tour of her house, where she showed off her glamorous life, including black paper towels in his kitchen and special crystals she keeps in her dining room for positive energy. Thanks to the house tour, fans are well acquainted with Chanel’s excavations in Los Angeles and she has a beautiful home and outdoor space. No wonder she spends so much time by the pool!

    So as Chanel documents these fun moments at home, fans are having an unexpected response to her sexy poolside photos. Some are even concerned about the rapper. So what’s going on to trigger this kind of reaction to a harmless thirst trap? Keep reading to see some of these wild comments.

    What happened to Chanel West Coast?

    Chanel West Coast treated fans with some poolside photos where the rapper showed off her sleek body and makeup-free look. It all seems like normal behavior for social media, but many fans are having negative reactions to Chanel’s photos.

    A fan asked the question, “What did you do to your pretty face?” This comment got over 300 likes and generated a lot of comments. Someone replied, “My [money] says botox.” Another person wrote: “She used to be much more beautiful before [botox] or surgery or whatever. I totally didn’t need to do anything. ”

    Another individual commented that Chanel’s face looked “swollen” while another person said that Chanel’s face looked “all swollen and enlarged.” Another person responded to these comments by saying, “Injections galore.” Look at the photos and see for yourself.

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    A post shared by Chanel West Coast (@chanelwestcoast) on April 25, 2024 at 3:28 pm PDT

    According to The Explosion, Chanel commented on these questions from fans asking what she did to herself saying, “Nothing lmao.”

    Other fans pointed out that makeup, especially contouring, can create a very different look. So if Chanel is opting for a day without makeup, her face will probably look quite different. Sheesh! Let her live.