Why Choose Only Live Flowers For Home ─ 6 Good Reasons

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Do you often buy flowers for a home without a special reason? Most likely, few people do it. Someone doesn’t want to spend money, someone is too lazy to bring flowers with them. But today we will tell you why sometimes it is still worth buying a bouquet for home.

1. First of all, it’s beautiful

Flowers, of course, decorate the space around them. Pay attention to how the same room looks different when it has a vase of flowers and when it doesn’t. A fresh bouquet can create beauty and comfort in the house, and this definitely cheers you up.

2. Reducing stress levels

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It has been scientifically proven that when a person looks at flowers, they’re less nervous and it is easier for them to relax. Therefore, a small bouquet at home or at work can help you cope with stress and solve tasks quickly and efficiently.

This also works when you suddenly find yourself in a stressful situation, say because of moving abroad. Order a bouquet. Maybe it will make you feel better. If you are in Dubai, use flowers delivery Dubai.

3. Complementary medicine

The American Horticultural Society has conducted a number of studies that have shown that flowers help a person recover in a variety of situations. In a study in one of the clinics, patients were divided into two parts: some patients were placed in rooms without plants, and others with bouquets of fresh flowers. The result showed that patients surrounded by flowers recovered faster.

Moreover, there is even such a thing as florotherapy. If a person feels unwell, a bouquet of flowers will give them strength, reduce anxiety, reduce pain, help them fall asleep faster, and sleep better.

4. Sign of attention

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When we are given flowers, we feel joy, we feel that we are loved and taken care of. These are positive emotions that make us happier. Therefore, even a small bouquet is a great way to show someone attention.

5. Flower meditation

You can cope with negative emotions not only by looking at the bouquet but also by collecting it yourself. Now there are many courses both online and offline that are ready to help you learn how to make beautiful flower arrangements. Processing flowers, assembling a bouquet, and its packaging are tantamount to meditation. You are completely immersed in the process and forget about all your problems. So this is a great option for how you can spend your free time.

6. Aromatherapy

It has long been believed that fragrances have an impact on both our emotions and our physical health. The air may be cleaned of harmful microorganisms using phytoncides, which plants exude, and a variety of scents can enhance the performance of various organ systems and the body as a whole.

Flower care tips

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And so that the bouquet will please you longer, we want to give you some tips on caring for it:

  • Cut the flowers a little every day, and it is best to do this with a sharp pruner, so you injure the stem less, and it is better to cut diagonally so that the flower drinks more.
  • Renew the water in the vase daily, and pour cold water.
  • Pick off the leaves, only the stems should be in the water, otherwise harmful bacteria will form in the water.
  • Place the bouquet away from the battery and direct sunlight, for the most part, flowers like coolness.
  • In no case throw flowers into the bath and spray them with water, otherwise, the bud will begin to rot.

We can use flowers as real psychotherapists. They bring joy and harmony into our lives, making us discard sad thoughts. An ordinary day becomes a joyful holiday when a loved one receives a bouquet. Flowers bring comfort and warmth into the home. If you surround yourself with flowers, you’ll realize that things have started to improve all around you.