Did Taylor Swift Get Secret of her Beauty Transformation?

Taylor Swift

There are lots of rumors saying that Taylor Swift has had several plastic surgeries on different parts of her body since she has become a pop star. Although being talked about is a part of her occupation, she does not seem to be happy about it.

There is no doubt that Taylor looks gorgeous, and this is the main reason they try to find faults in her flawless appearance. She is definitely talented. She sings, dances and writes songs. She is also hot, so we suppose that there was help from a plastic surgeon.

Before & After Photos

In order to find if it`s true or not, we are going to look through Taylor`s before and after photos. So. Let`s see what we have.

Has Taylor Swift Had a Nose Job?

Has Taylor Swift Had a Nose Job


On the top left, you can see the “Before” photo. Taylor`s nose used to look a bit different. The bridge of the nose was a bit thicker and the tip was round.

Look what it is like now. It seems to be more refined and narrower. Taylor`s nose could look like that because of proper makeup or because of a nose job. If a rhinoplasty did take place, it was done really well because her face looks harmonious.

Did Taylor Get A Boob Job?

When comparing her photos then and now, it becomes quite clear that a boob job was performed. Taylor`s breast used to be smaller and became bigger after some time. Of course, we can suppose that her tits look bigger because of a push-up bra, but we have a strong feeling that breast implants are the only reasonable explanation.

We believe that 2011-2012 is the period when she got a boob job. The shape of Taylor`s cleavage shows that the procedure was not fat transfer or anything else. It should have been a breast implants surgery.

Does Taylor Have Butt Implants?

Does Taylor Swift Have Butt Implants

But what about her butt? It appears that the singer`s butt has become bigger. The enlargement isn`t that considerable but, on the other hand, it is quite enough to suppose that a butt job was performed. It is possible, though, that her new butt is the result of a workout as her thighs seem to have increased too. We`ll leave it for you to decide.

What About Her Teeth?

Taylor Swift's teeth before and after

Taylor did have bad teeth before, so it is most probable that she has had some dental procedures. It is hard to say if we can see that beautiful smile thanks to veneers or something else, but who cares?

Taylor Swift’s Beauty Transformation

We are going to check now how Taylor`s appearance has changed starting from her childhood until present days. This way we will understand if her beauty is natural or it`s fake.

Year 1995

Taylor Swift 1995
Source: Peopleenespanol

Being a six-year old girl, Taylor Swift already looked like a celebrity. A beautiful child indeed! Looking at her double eyelids, we can be sure that rumors regarding eye surgery are not true.

Year 1996

Taylor Swift 1996
Souce: Twitter

We can see a young soccer player here. She was chubby and cute. When looking at her teeth in this photo, it is obvious that some cosmetic dentistry has been done.

Year 2001

Taylor Swift 2001
Souce: Twitter

9-year-old Taylor became interested in musical theatre and took acting and vocal classes. Then she became fond of country music and at the age of 12 took guitar lessons and learned songwriting.

By that time most of the baby fat disappeared, and we can see the features of Taylor we know. Back then she was already pretty and talented.

Year 2003

Taylor Swift 2003
Source: Wikipedia

When the singer was only 14 years old, the family moved to Hendersonville, Tennessee. She became slimmer and it is obvious that the shape of her chin is natural. Chin implants are not required.

Year 2004

Taylor Swift 2004
Source: Pinterest

In 2004 the singer got acquainted with Scott Borchetta and signed for Big Machine Records. She is not only a gorgeous girl, but she is also a gifted one.

Taylor Swift is one of the girls who can wear no makeup and still look fresh and beautiful. It seems that the nose has not been performed yet as well as a boob job.

Year 2006

Taylor Swift 2006
Source: Pinterest

That year her first album was released after years of hard work. She was only seventeen when she became an idol for many girls who wanted to look like her. They copied her style and makeup.

Year 2008

Taylor Swift 2006
Source: SNCMedia

The second album came out and it made her extremely popular. Everybody loved her. She was 19 then and still we cannot find anything about her proving that Taylor had had any kind of cosmetic surgery. The shape of her lips is natural, so we suppose that she never had any injections.

Year 2010

Taylor Swift 2010
Source: Pinterest

This a photo from the American Music Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Taylor Swift is 21 and she looks stunning. She dressed her hair in a different way, but it looks good. Her nose seems to be a bit thinner which means that she might have had a subtle rhinoplasty.

The singer`s body has finally matured, and it is clearly seen that she hasn`t got breast implants yet. But we will keep on investigating this part.

In this photo you can see her attending the 2010 People’s Choice Awards in LA. Taylor is a toll and a rather skinny girl, no wonder they call her a stick. She could have been a wonderful model. Looking at her body, you just realize that liposuction will never be needed.

Year 2011

Taylor Swift 2011
Source: Getty Images


The singer looks just breathtaking at the CoverGirl 50th Anniversary celebration party at the BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood, California. She is dressed in a black dress which shows off all of the essential features of her body. We can only wonder what she uses to make her skin look so radiant and smooth.

Year 2012

Taylor Swift 2012
Source: Getty

Just look how much she`s changed in one year! At the 2012 Aria Awards in Sydney Taylor showed up with new boobs. They don`t look natural and this kind of change is impossible to appear in one year. We are sure that she got implants. Just take a look at her cleavage!

Year 2013

Taylor Swift 2013
Source: Getty Images

The singer attended the Golden Globes Awards in Beverly Hills, looking really good. Her breasts have visibly become bigger, so we do believe she has had plastic surgery. Her cosmetic surgeon did a good job as they now look full and perky. It was obviously worth it!

She is only 24 and there are wrinkles appearing on her forehead. She is too young for that, and she`d better take a better care of her face. Otherwise, she will have to use Botox pretty soon.

Year 2014

Taylor Swift 2014
Source: Getty Images

Taylor`s body now looks nothing like before. She is not that stick anymore. Just look at her butt!

Many suppose that there are butt implants in there, but we think that this gorgeous part of her body along with legs are the result of the workout. Taylor has got a really good trainer as thighs and calf muscles look natural. Well, it`s still for you to decide which opinion is true.

Year 2015

Taylor Swift 2015
Source: YouLoveIt

She is dating Calvin Harris who is a record producer and a DJ. They are the couple that is the highest paid as their earnings make more than$145 million. And this photo is one more evidence that her tits are fake.

Year 2016

Taylor Swift 2016
Source: Pinterest

This year was a very fruitful one for the singer. She got 3 Grammy Awards which are the outcome of her hard work. People also said that Taylor had several tattoos done on some parts of her body, but we never found any of them. There was a tattoo number 13 which was a fake as it was discovered later.

Year 2017

0Taylor Swift 2017
Source: Getty Images

Another of her top albums came out that year. And in this photo the singer looks as perfect as always. Nobody cares if her boobs are natural or not as they look awesome!

Many fans are now sure that she has breast implants in there after a video on MTV. But we have noticed that long ago, so nothing surprising over here.

Year 2018

Taylor Swift 2018
Source: Promiflash

In this photo she is at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, and we can see that she hasn`t changed much. Same body shape, same beautiful eyes, same wonderful smile and, finally, same gorgeous Taylor.

Year 2019

Taylor Swift 2019
Source: Peopletalk


What Do Cosmetic Surgery Experts Think About Taylor Swift’s Transformation?

Dr Anthony Youn, a top plastic surgeon, expressed his opinion regarding plastic surgery on Taylor`s face. He said that her nose did look more refined and thinner than it used to be earlier. He is sure that she has undergone rhinoplasty but a very subtle one because everything looks so natural and never made any dramatic changes to her face.

Another surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman had a talk with Page Six in 2016 and he shared his suspicions regarding her breasts. He said that she always had small boobs but in the recent photos they were significantly bigger. According to him, that could be a new bra as she is on good terms with a lot of models of Victoria`s Secret, but it is more probable that has got some surgery.


We have looked through a big number of the singer`s photos starting from her childhood till now. There is one undeniable fact we are sure about, which is no matter if she has had the mentioned above cosmetic enhancements or not, she is a talented and a beautiful woman. Nothing can change that. The differences on her nose are small, and she never had any other things done on her face.

As we already said, Taylor`s body has been the subject of rumors and talks during the past several years. Reasons for it are obvious. We believe that it is not important if those claims are false or not, her appearance is stunning. What else do you want?

We feel that Taylor Swift is a wonderful person and a real beauty who deserves everything she has because there is hard work behind all this.

What is your opinion regarding her appearance?

Has she had cosmetic enhancements?