Rihanna Before and After Beauty Transformation

Rihanna is considered to be one of the hottest and most enchanting American singers. She is the happy owner of a beautiful voice, but she also has a perfect face and a sexy body which made many women want to look like her.

This is the main reason why there are lots of gossips regarding the appearance of the Barbadian star, claiming that she must have had several cosmetic surgeries.

People suggest that to get her flawless look she at least has had forehead surgery, nose job and a boob job. It all comes down to the point where there are those who say she only has this color of her eyes because of a laser eye color change surgery.

We cannot say 100% right now if the singer`s nose, boobs and eyes are fake. Well, let`s try to find out if Rihanna has undergone any plastic surgery.

Before & After Photos

We had to go through lots of photos before and after she became a celebrity to decide if she did use any cosmetic surgery to enhance her beauty. Let`s see what we found out:

Did Rihanna Get A Boob Job?

Did Rihanna get a boob job

That`s the question many people asked. The question of a breast surgery came out because of some photos where the difference to the size of her boobs is obvious.

There’s a difference of opinions here. Some claimed she just put on weight, while others thought she was pregnant. But if her breasts became bigger not for the first or the second reason, then it is possible that a boob job did take place.

Has Rihanna Had A Nose Job?

Has Rihanna had a nose job

Rihanna is not an African American, but her nose is wide and a large one. If looking at the “Before” photos it is clearly seen that the bridge of her nose was flat and the shape itself was bulky.

If you look at the “After” photo, you will notice that her nose has changed. The bridge of Rihanna`s nose has become narrower. Do you think this evidence is enough to prove that the nose job has been done?

Did She Have Forehead Reduction Surgery?

Rihanna's big forehead

It is known that the singer`s forehead is big and looks like there are implants inside. We found out that it has been like that since she was a little girl. There was also a guess that she has undergone the procedure of a forehead reduction, we failed to find any evidence for that.

So, we can say that there was no surgery of that kind.

What About Her Hairline?

Rihanna's Hairline

This part of her body has been attracting attention for several years because sometimes it seemed that Rihanna was losing hair that resulted in the thinning patches that you can see on the Before photos.

If looking at the After photos, you will see that the hair seems to have grown back around that hairline. This may prove that she has had some kind of hairline surgery. It might be a hair transplant procedure to make her hair grow and cover that area. What is your opinion?

Does Rihanna Have Eye Color Surgery?

Rihanna's Eye Color

Rihanna`s eyes are that feature that immediately attracts attention and mesmerizes you. This is because she has beautiful green hazel eyes that are not typical for black people. In fact, this is something really rare.

And this is why many suppose that has had an eye color surgery in order to change the true color.

The truth is that they are not fake! This is her natural eye color. Yes, this extraordinary beauty has always been there.

Rihanna’s Beauty Transformation

Now let`s go through some pictures and see how the singer`s body and face have changed during these years. This way we will understand if she has ever used plastic surgery to enhance her beauty.

Early Days

Rihanna in her teenage years

This is one of Rihanna`s photos you don`t often see. She is a teenager here who lives in Barbados, a tiny country in the Caribbeans. The shape of her face is similar so we can clearly see that there were no facial surgeries like jawline or cheekbone contouring. The size of her forehead is the same and Rihanna`s chin also looks same, so we can say that there are no chin implants here.

Year 2005

Rihanna 2005
Source: Wikipedia

Rihanna`s debut album, called Music of the Sun was made that year. She was only 17 and her face was childishly chubby. It is obvious that her nose was wider at that time, so this can be the reason people claim that a nose job has been done.

Year 2007

Rihanna 2007 - She won the celebrity leg of goddess
Source: Pinterest

This was the year when Rihanna became popular and her single “Umbrella” was on the top of the music charts in 3 countries around the world. Venus Breeze also called her the ‘Celebrity Leg of Goddess’.

In this photo, Rihanna is at the Gillette event at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. Just look how hot her legs are! When looking at them it is pretty clear why she got that title. No plastic surgery here. They also say that she got insured her legs for $1 million.

Year 2009

Rihanna 2009
Source: Welt

Here Rihanna is at the 2009 Grammy at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. The shape of her lips is just perfect. They are not too thick and not too thin. They are natural and look harmonious with Rihanna`s V-shaped chin.

Sadly, she was beaten by Chris Brown that year and her lips were busted, and eyes were swollen. We cannot say, though, if she needed any cosmetic surgery to make her face perfect again.

Year 2011

Rihanna 2019

Source: Fashion

In this photo, she is at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. Her medium wavy red hair looks nice and as you can see there are no signs of boob job.

Year 2012

Rihanna 2012
Source: Elle

Rihanna`s hit single “Diamonds” was released this year and was on the top of the music chart in more than 20 countries. As you can see, she has got no breast implants. She was wearing a black deep V dress and there are no signs of the boob tattoo she is famous for.

Year 2013

Rihanna 2013
Source: Detroit

Here the singer is at the American Music Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. She has more natural hairstyle – no more curly blondes. That is the year when you can see the tattoos on her hands for the first time as well as the ones between her boobs and on the side.

Year 2014

Rihanna 2014
Source: Pinterest

Even if Rihanna has ever had a rhinoplasty, then it must be in 2013 or 2014. It seems that her nose has become sharper here. There is one more thing to be mentioned – her breast size. They seem to be bigger. Possibly it was because of a push-up bra, or because of breast implants!

Year 2015

Rihanna 2015
Source: Rihanna

Here Rihanna is at the 2015 Grammy Awards at the Staple Center in LA. She looked stunning in that pink dress. She looked gorgeous and it appeared that she did not have any makeup on.

We wonder what her skincare is like because Rihanna`s skin looks so healthy and radiant. Well, she is only 27 now, and it will take some time for us to hear anything regarding her getting a surgical facelift or Botox injections.

Year 2016

Rihanna 2016
Source: Getty Images

In this photo, we can see her singing at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden. Rihanna was wearing a high leather boot and it can be easily be noticed that her legs became thicker. We actually doubt that she ever needed butt implants or a butt lift because her thighs and her buttocks look natural.

Year 2017

Rihanna 2017
Source: Pinterest

That was the year when after her attending the movie premiere of “Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets” in Paris people started talking that she had gotten breast augmentation. But let`s not miss the fact that she gained some weight and her waist became 2 sizes bigger. Most probably there was no boob job, it was just increased the weight that contributed to bigger bust size.

Year 2018

Rihanna 2018
Source: Medialeaks

That was the moment when everybody started thinking that Rihanna was pregnant. No wonder! Just look at her stomach! She was a real ‘plus-size’ star who performed at the 2018 Grammy Awards in New York City.

Year 2019

Rihanna 2019
Cource: Billboard

In spite of lost cheekbones on her face, a double chin, and a fatter body, she was still confident. Rihanna was wearing a sexy pink dress and was never shy to dance and sing. She is the kind of person who will never change for the industry.

What Does Rihanna Have To Say About Plastic Surgery?

In 2014 OK Magazine reported that Rihanna wanted to get a breast lift. This was never confirmed, though. That article cannot be accessed but if it was a true one, we can assume that Rihanna was not pleased with her natural tits or there was sagginess.

Her facialist spoke to Coveteur in 2016 and gave a slight hint that her clients always choose Resculpting Facial rather than Botox, fillers, or cosmetic surgery.

She said that she started with microdermabrasion, crystal-free. Her proprietary sculptor machine followed after in order to firm around the jawline and eyes to get an immediate lift. She said it was extremely effective and relaxing. Coveteur said that Rihanna and Oprah Winfrey were among her clients too.

There was an interview with Rihanna with The Cut in 2017 and she said that she was the owner of a fluctuating body type, so she gave some tips on how to dress in this case.

We all have noticed that in 2018 she got much bigger, so we are curious about what exactly she is going to do. Will she do some exercises and fix her diet, or got for liposuction to lose all that weight?


We have gone through a number of photos up to 2018 and the only we are sure about is that she has become larger. The size of her tits increased at the same time when she gained weight. Consequently, it is hard to say if her boobs are fake or not because breasts tend to change along with body mass.

Regarding her the features of her face, it seems that a small nose job has been done. Speaking about other parts of Rihanna`s face like forehead, eyes and lips, we can say that they are natural. She also has beautiful teeth and it is obvious that she never had any dental cosmetic work done. Something could have been done, though, to stop the hair loss.

We also found no evidence proving that Rihanna has had any cosmetic surgery on her tummy, butt, neck legs or arms.