Renee Zellweger Before and After Transformation


Renee ZellwegerRenee Zellwegger became famous in 1996 when the film “Jerry Maguire” came out. Back then she was a brunette with enchanting eyes. Her face was beautiful and there was no need for any cosmetic surgery.

When she became more popular in Hollywood, she starred in “Bridget Jones’s Diary,” and for this role she had to put on some weight. Her boobs were so big then that many people supposed that Renee had a boob job.

During all these years people never stopped talking about her appearance. They always suspect different plastic surgeries on different parts of her body.

The question is if she did have cosmetic enhancements.

Let`s see what we can find out!

Before & After Photos

If you start comparing her before and after photos, the changes in her appearance are evident. There are rumors that had several plastic surgeries in order to stay beautiful.

We will look through the photos and compare them.

Does Renee Zellweger Have Breast Implants?

Does Renee Zellweger Have A Boob Job


When seeing her before and after photos it is evident that in 1990s her chest used to be flat. In several years, though, that her tits became twice bigger.

It is obvious that her boobs were bigger when starring in “Bridget Jones” as Renee gained weight for the some interviews, she also said that she had to wear fake breasts because she needed to look like a plump woman.

After some time, though, when she lost weight her boobs were still fuller than before. Renee never confirmed plastic surgery, but the only explanation could be breast augmentation. Breast implants are not a rare thing among actresses, so it is most probably true.

Has Renee Had Botox Injections?

Has Renee Zellweger Had Botox Fillers


When Renee was 20 her face didn`t have wrinkles, which is a natural thing, but when she turned 30 and her face was still smooth, people started talking that she had beauty enhancements, like fillers and Botox.

As a woman in her 40s, Renee hardly appeared in movies, so she was invisible to the media. After some years she appeared at a public event and everybody was surprised at how much her face had changed.

Plastic surgeons claimed that the changes on her face were proof of some plastic surgeries. It is possible that she has had botox injections, that made her flawless.

Did She Get An Eye Surgery?Did Renee Zellweger Get An Eye Surgery


The actress` upper eyelids used to be heavy, and now when they look different, it is obvious that eye surgery was done. It made her eyes look bigger. If you look at her face more carefully, you can guess that blepharoplasty is also possible, as her inner eyelids are a bit different now as well. When Renee was younger her brows were lower too, so, yes, extra skin must have been removed.

Did Renee Have A Facelift?

Did Renee Zellweger Have A Facelift


Renee’s Transformation

Early Days

Renee Zellweger when she was young
Source: Pinterest

Renee used to be the most beautiful girl in her class when she was a teenager. She was also busy with drama club and cheerleading.

Year 1994

Renee Zellweger 1994
Source: Twitter

In 1994 she first appeared in a movie which was a horror sequel. The baby face of the actress looked really sexy with those sunglasses.

Year 1996

Renee Zellweger 1996
Source: Reddit

At the premiere of “Jerry Maguire” she appeared with almost no makeup and a really plain hairstyle. You can just see that she was not used to attention from the media back then and was shy about that. It seems that she has had lip fillers as they looked fuller.

Year 2001

Renee Zellweger 1996
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This a photo from the Oscar Awards for the film “Chicago” and you can see her wearing a yellow dress. Renee was slimmer then and no evidence of a boob surgery is seen.

Year 2004

Renee Zellweger 2004
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This year she not only put on weight, but she also changed the color of her hair. And this all was for the role. Her lips here look really sexy with that red lipstick.

Year 2009

Renee Zellweger 2009
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Here Renee is in her 30s and it clearly seen that her face has changed. It is possible that she has had cheek implants and rhinoplasty. Her lips still look full. Maybe she is having permanent lip injections?

Year 2012

Renee Zellweger 2012
Source: Pinterest

Looking at her in these photos, you realize that aging signs have started appearing when her forehead still has no wrinkles, so she must have had some cosmetic procedures.

Year 2014

Renee Zellweger 2014
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Her appearance at the ELLE’s 21st annual Women In Hollywood Awards was really shocking as she has changed a lot. She never admitted cosmetic surgeries before and after that, but she must have undergone eye surgery.

Year 2016

Renee Zellweger 2016
Source: REX

Here she is at Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show. Renee looked really young and hot. Her outfit just made everyone remember what a beauty with nice legs she used to be.

Year 2017

Renee Zellweger 2017
Source: Pinterest

Here she is at the “Same Kind of Different As Me” movie premiere in Los Angeles. Although she was still beautiful, the wrinkles on her forehead and eyes became visible. Most probably she was using less anti-aging procedures then.

Year 2018

Renee Zellweger 2018
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In 2018 Renee was seen at an event in Santa Monica and her face looked a bit puffy. People started talking that she resumed beauty enhancement procedures again. Maybe she is preparing herself for one more movie?

Year 2019

Renee Zellweger 2019
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After looking through her before and after photos we can definitely claim that Renee has undergone several cosmetic surgeries. She never admitted it but her appearances have some evidence that she has undergone eye surgery, did her face and used botox.

We are sure that she has had most of the procedures on her face and eyes, but breast implants and liposuction must have also taken place.

Yes, her face and body have changed but who can blame her for willing to remain as beautiful as she was? No matter what cosmetic enhancements she has had, she is still that wonderful actress thanks to whom we saw Bridget Jones. She will always be unforgettable and charming. Besides, none of the procedures has made big differences to her appearance. She is still recognizable; she is still Renee.

Do you believe she has had the mentioned plastic surgeries?