Burger King Angers Taylor Swift’s Fans With a Sarcastic Joke About Her

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Taylor Swift fans became furious with Burger King after the fast-food restaurant tweeted a sarcastic joke about the star. After someone asked the Burger King Twitter account what its favorite song by Taylor is, they wrote: “The one about her ex.”

The tweet was soon deleted, but not fast enough to be missed by “Swifties,” who are now trying to cancel the fast-food chain by making Twitter trend #BurgerKingIsOverParty.

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Some labeled the tweet as “sexist.” “You have s***ty burgers anyway,” one wrote, and another added: “After all this Burger King controversy…now I want McDonald’s.”

However, there were those who think that Swift’s fans overreacted. “No, we are NOT canceling the creators of the impossible whooper for this stupid s**t #burgerkingisoverparty”, one Twitter user wrote.

Some of them were angry for making this topic relevant when other serious things are happening in the world, “#BurgerKingIsOverParty is higher on trending than #GeorgeFloydWasMurdered … are some of y’all brain dead.”

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