Christie Brinkley Beauty Secret! Let’s reveal the reason!

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Christie BrinkleyChristie Brinkley is an American model whose potential was first recognized by a photographer 45 years ago. Despite her age, she still looks gorgeous and it seems that at some moment she stopped getting older.

Yes, she has a brand of skin care cosmetics offering different products such as face cream, lotion, serum and all, but all these won`t do magic when you are more than 60 years old. Anti-aging beauty products are powerful enough to slow down the process, but they will not make it stop.

It is not a secret for everyone, so people started suspecting that she has had several plastic surgeries. That`s because there are no other reasonable explanations for her looking so good.

Let`s look through her photos and find out what it is, cosmetic surgery or magical skin beauty products.

Shall we start?

Before and After Photos

Year 1975

Christie Brinkley 1975
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Eileen Ford Modeling Agency was the first who saw her beauty. After that, she started working for 3 advertising campaigns. Christie was only 22 and already had great success. She was a beautiful slender girl with glowing skin which made her a wonderful model.

Year 1979

Christie Brinkley 1979
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She was also the first model who was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine for 3 years in a row, precisely in 1979, 1980 and 1981. As you can see, then her boobs were not that big.

Year 1983

Christie Brinkley 1983
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That year she was in a movie for the first time, where her part was a sexy girl in a red Ferrari in “National Lampoon’s Vacation”. Christie has wide jawbones which make her face the uncommon one for magazines. The majority of women would go for a jaw reduction surgery with such a feature but in her case, this feature was something that distinguished her from others.

The model also has a pretty chin that makes the jawline harmonious. Looking at her smile it becomes obvious that her teeth were always straight, so no cosmetic dentistry was ever needed.

Year 1992

Christie Brinkley 1992
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Christie Brinkley was an extremely popular model for the front cover for various magazines in the 1980s and 1990s. She was also one of those lucky models who had a modeling contract with CoverGirl, a worldwide famous cosmetics brand, for 25 years. That`s a real record.

Year 1997

Christie Brinkley 1997
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This is the first photo where you can see a plastic surgeon`s job. Her boobs increased and this is incontestable evidence of breast implants.

Year 2000

Christie Brinkley 2000
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The model is 46 here and looks just gorgeous. Her skin looks radiant and glowing all over her body. It also seems that she has used some fillers because her cheeks look rather chubby.

Year 2002

Christie Brinkley 2002
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Christie has a very natural-looking cleavage and breasts. Hadn`t we seen her previous photos, we could have thought that no breast augmentation was done? All we can do is just wonder who was the plastic surgeon that did it for her as it was 1990s when plastic surgery was not that developed. A good job indeed!

Year 2004

Christie Brinkley 2004
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The 2004 Sports Illustrated swimsuit magazine celebrated its 40th anniversary in New York, and Christie Brinkley, a supermodel, also attended it. She was 50 but she looked much younger. What`s the secret? A diet plan? Liposuction?

Year 2008

Christie Brinkley 2008
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By that time Christie has been married 4 times but the most difficult divorce must be with Peter Cook. There are wrinkles on her forehead. She might need some facelift in the future.  They must be the consequences of the stress she had to go through. The rest of her face still looks perfect. Almost wrinkle-free! There are none even around her eyes which can be the result of a really good cream or an eye lift.

Year 2009

Christie Brinkley 2009
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The divorce was finalized, and the model looks exhausted after it. Her hair does not seem to be as shiny as before. We are almost sure she has used some Botox around her mouth and the cheekbones.

Year 2012

Christie Brinkley 2012
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Most of the women in their late 50s would kill to look like Christie Brinkley. In spite of her age, she looks just sexy with her blonde hair, red lipstick, and enchanting blue eyes. This combination is flawless.

The skin looks splendid too, but it is clearly visible that she has had a facelift and neck lift. The procedures have been done really professionally. Just have a look at her tight glowing skin. Who`s her plastic surgeon?

Year 2014

Christie Brinkley 2014
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This is a photo from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 50th Anniversary Pink Carpet celebration in New York. The model looks glamorous here. You just cannot stop wondering how she manages to stay this slender.


Year 2015

Christie Brinkley 2015
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That year she started her own Authentic Skincare line which was developed with the help of Dr. Doris Day, a dermatologist.

You cannot help believing Christie because as a model she was in the sun constantly and her appearance is just amazing. She must have some experience and tips to share because it`s just impossible to look like that when you are 61.

Year 2016

We have to decide, though, if the model has had any plastic surgery on her nose by 2016. We have found no proof for that as the shape of Christie`s nose as well as its tip never changed. But the chin appears to be a bit different her, rounder and fuller. It could be the result of some botulinum toxin.

Year 2017

Christie Brinkley 2017
Source: Нellomagazine

Now Christie is 63 and she still looks beautiful. Lip injections might have taken place because they look fuller. In spite of that, her appearance is easy on the eye due to the way she dressed her hair and put her makeup on.

Year 2018

Christie Brinkley 2018
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Year 2019

Christie Brinkley 2019
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What Does Christie Have To Say About Cosmetic Surgery?

In 2015 the model said that it was hard to keep looking like that at 61. She also claimed that she had some several procedures to help her skin look young such as Botox, laser and fillers.

Regarding Botox she said that it had been a real disaster because instead of relaxing her forehead it did something wrong with her eyebrows which made her look sad. She never tried it again after that.

When vertical bands appeared on her neck, she was recommended to get small portions of Botox injected into those areas. According to her, it gave unexpected results. The muscles were relaxed, and the skin became tight, but she didn`t have to worry about the loss of expression.

In an interview with People the model shared how the cosmetic procedures helped her to fight with age changes. Christie said that she wanted to look as old as she felt which is young. In her opinion, there is nothing bad to use some cosmetic surgery if it makes you feel confident.

She also said that people might say she was fake, but it was better to admit things openly and say the way everything really was.


Christie Brinkley has definitely taken good care of her body, but she also admitted using some extra help to sustain her gorgeous appearance. On the other hand, she never spoke openly regarding having any plastic surgery. After looking through her before and after photos, we have not found any proofs for surgery in terms of her body overall but there is evidence suggesting breast implants.

There are people, though, claiming that the model and her daughter saw a plastic surgeon at the Lenox Hill Hospital. They suspect that the daughter had a rhinoplasty and Christie Brinkley had a facelift.

Do you think it`s true? Do you think Christie Brinkley has undergone cosmetic surgery procedures?

Decide yourself.