Sandra Bullock Dated Ryan Gosling 20 Years Ago: She Was 37 and He 21

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Sandra Bullock and Ryan Gosling are one of the most famous actors in the world today, and we often forget that besides a passion for acting, they also shared a love for each other almost twenty years ago.

Long before he found himself in the arms of Eva Mendes, with whom he is happily married today, a Hollywood favorite was dating 16 years older colleague.

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The couple met on the set of the movie “Murder by Numbers,” and by the end of 2001, they were already in a relationship. In the film, Bullock, who was 37 at the time, played a policewoman who hunts down a young rich man, who plays Gosling, who was only 21 at the time. In the film, his character is suspected of killing a girl, and it’s not a romantic story, but they didn’t mind.

They first appeared in public as a couple in September 2001 at the premiere of Gosling’s film “The Believer,” and in April in the following year, when they presented a film in which both starred, their love was already covered by all the tabloids. The age gap between them was not an obstacle at first, and they often said that age was not a problem.

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“Let me see if I can answer that politically and correctly. We’re friends”, Bullock said in an interview with Cosmopolitan in 2003. She also told how a young colleague helped her calm down in life and “to chill. I live my life at a manic pace, and he’s taught me to disregard all that isn’t important. He’s like a little Buddha.”

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Years later, Gosling admitted he had the best girls he could only wish for. He also dated colleague Rachel McAdams, and for her and Sandra Bullock, he said no one can surpass them. We realized later that one exists, and that is Eva Mendes.

The couple broke up in 2003, and they later said that too much media attention actually disrupted their relationship. They both have families today and are in happy relationships and marriages.



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