The Truth About Debby Ryan and Josh Dun’s Relationship

Debby Ryan y Josh Dun
Rumor has it that Insatiable Actress Debby Ryan and Twenty One Pilots drummer Josh Dun are secretly married. iHeartRadio tackled speculation when the band released a music video for their song “Level of Concern” on April 9, 2024. At 56 seconds, Dun has a ring on his left hand, leaving many people wondering if it’s a wedding band. As of this writing, Ryan and Dun haven’t yet commented on the theory, but that doesn’t stop fans from anticipating their wedding.

The couple got engaged in New Zealand in December 2018 . In October 2019, Ryan spoke about the proposal in a SiriusXM interview. She shared, “There were all these beautiful details about this day that really surprised me. As someone who is not a great planner, he just blew my mind. ” Specifically, she revealed, “He designed the ring and flew my brother and sister-in-law with the ring. It was [in] a tree house, which has a lot of meaning for us «. During that interview, she shared that they met through a mutual friend.

The couple have reportedly been in an on-off relationship since 2013, becoming an Instagram officer in September 2013. In March 2015, Ryan tweeted that she was “Single and not trying to mix.” However, that was obviously not the end of his story. In 2016, he confirmed a reconciliation in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald , sharing: “I am in love and very happy. We have evolved and grown a lot in our careers, in the relationship, as people since we met. ”

Debby Ryan and Josh Dun imagined a little wedding

While the jury still doesn’t know if Debby Ryan and Josh Dun’s wedding has already happened or not, it is very clear that these two are not in a big and exaggerated wedding. This is something that the Disney Channel student has emphasized on more than one occasion. In February 2019, she said The New York Post , “If it were up to me, I would have a 20-person wedding.” Still, he is realistic, and admits to the newspaper: “I’m sure it will be broader than I expected, but I want to make sure that the heart of the intimacy will be there.” He also summed up the wedding planning as “[her] conceptualizing and he saying yes or no”. That sounds correct.

In October 2019, Ryan discussed the wedding plans during an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan . Just Jared Jr. reported that she said to the hosts, “I really don’t know [what size of a wedding], we’re still working it out.” He explained why it is so difficult simply to celebrate the wedding they want when he said: “We are both public people and I think it is really important for us to keep the intimacy of it. , but there are many things in our lives «.

If the couple is secretly married, that could mean they were able to have the intimate wedding they wanted. Regardless of how big the wedding they have / have had, their love is sure to get a lot of love from fans.