Helen Hunt Erased Her Wrinkles at Age 56: How Did She Do It?

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The Oscar winner Helen Hunt was seen Monday in her Pacific Palisades neighborhood in Los Angeles during a walk, which she practices to maintain her slim figure. The 56-year-old was unrecognizable with a black face mask, goggles, and a cap.

The actress was in leggings and a wide T-shirt with long sleeves and wore sneakers. She was carrying a cell phone in her hands with a bottle of drink attached to her back.

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By the way, Helen had a car accident in Los Angeles in October last year. Another car crashed into her vehicle as she passed through the intersection, after which her car overturned due to the force of the impact. Helen, who was in the back seat at the time of the accident, ended up in hospital but suffered no serious injuries and was released home by doctors the same evening.

The actress, who won an Oscar for Best Leading Role in the romantic drama “As Good As It Gets” as well as her film colleague Jack Nicholson, has been attracting attention in recent years with the look of her face.

Image source: profimedia.com

The public claims that she obviously did not resist plastic surgery because her wrinkles magically disappeared. According to expert estimates, Helen was injected with Botox, but also fillers in her cheeks, which are now fuller, making her eyes more closed.

Stories of her change began in late 2018 when Hunt appeared on the show “Good Morning America” with a different look. The actress then announced the re-shooting of the “Mad About You” series. Fans commented that they preferred her as she aged with dignity.

Image source: radaronline.com

By the way, Helen married once and was married for 17 months to actor Hank Azaria. With her ex-boyfriend, director Matthew Carnahan, she has a daughter, Makena Lea (16), and they broke up in 2017.

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