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Salma HayekSalma Hayek is known as one of the most seductive actresses with a surprisingly feminine body that made her so successful in this industry. It is her body that helped her to get so many roles in blockbusters and made so many people wonder if her appearance is real or fake.

There is no doubt that she is gifted but her boobs are that part attracting attention. Salma`s breasts look so good that many suggest that there are implants in there.

The rumors are just rumors without a proof but it is definitely something to speculate about.

The actress is more than 50 years old now, and the age when women start considering some anti-aging procedures. That is why we will try to find if she has had some cosmetic procedures on her face as well.

Before & After Photos

We have looked through several of Salma`s before and after photos to check if she has ever had any plastic surgery. Now, let`s see what we`ve got here.

Has Salma Hayek had a boob job?

Salma Hayek boob job before and after


Salma is definitely lucky to have big boobs so many believe that they are not real. When looking at Salma in her first movies, it is clearly seen that her breasts are not fake. You can also see it  in the picture on the left.

The photo on the right was taken not so long ago where she is dressed in a pink gown. The way her cleavage looks now makes us see that her boobs have become bigger. The reason for it can be breast implants, on the one hand, or she might have gained some weight on the other.  It can be also a professional body photo editing in Photoshop that looks so realistic. Visit to see more before and after samples of body reshaping, face slimming and breasts enlarging.

What do you think? They are real boobs, or they are fake boobs?

Did Salma have a nose job?

Salma Hayek nose job before and after

There are critics who strongly believe that Salma had had a nose job before she started her career in Hollywood. We compared some photos to see if they were right.

In the first photo we can see a young actress who is not famous yet. The shape of Salma`s nose is the same. We can actually see that nothing changed so rumors regarding nose job are absurd.

What about botox and facelift?

Salma Hayek botox and facelift - Before and After

Hispanic women are really lucky because they age well. It is easy to imagine how many women are jealous of them! And looking at the appearance of Salma Hayek you just understand that it is true. She is more than 50 but there are almost no wrinkles on her face.

Her skin looks so radiant and healthy and smooth that she might never need any facelift. Salma could have had some botox, though, because the area of her face cheeks looks a bit swollen. When looking at the photo after, you can see that the area between her eyebrows seems relaxed too.

Salma Hayek Transformation

Let`s see how Salma Hayek turned into the gorgeous woman that is loved and admired by so many men and women.

Salma as a baby

Salma Hayek baby photo

This is a picture which is hard to find. You can see Salma, a baby with cute butterfly ribbons. She was a beautiful baby indeed.

Salma as a teenager

Salma Hayek as a teenager

As a teenager the actress already knew how to dress and what way to put makeup on to show how attractive she was. Her nose is so pretty that it is not surprising that there are so many rumors about it.

Year 1989: Gaining fame in Mexico

Salma Hayek in 1989
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This year a 23-year-old Salma Hayek became popular in Mexico after “Teresa”, a TV series.  She looks amazing here. Her body is so perfect and obviously natural.

Year 1991: Hollywood dream

Salma Hayek in 1991
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That year Salma Hayek decided to make her Hollywood dreams come true and moved to California. If you look at her tits here, you will never doubt that they are natural.

Year 1995: US debut

Salma Hayek in 1995
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Her debut film was with Antonio Banderas. “Fools Rush In”, “Wild Wild West” and “From Dusk till Dawn”, were after, and Desperado was the one that opened that door for her.

Salma is wearing her long hair again and her body looks all natural.

Year 2000: Losing weight

Salma Hayek in 2000
Source: Zimbio

This a photo from the Vanity Fair Oscar party. She looked so beautiful that everyone could not take eyes off her. She looked so slim, but it is obvious that the weight went away evenly, consequently, no liposuction here.

Year 2010: Beating the age

Salma Hayek in 2010
Source: Zimbio

Here the actress is at the Cannes Film Festival in France. She is 44 and has one daughter already. She looked as gorgeous as always. She obviously takes care of her skin and hair very well.

Year 2015: Gaining weight

Salma Hayek in 2015
Source: Getty Images

When Salma Hayek appeared in this deep V purple dress, many people supposed that she has had a boob job. Okay, her boobs did become bigger, but her arms did so too. We think that she just gained weight which contributed to her tits size.

There are slight eye bags, so the signs of aging finally started to appear. It still seems that there is nothing fake about her body.

Year 2018: Breast implants rumor

Salma Hayek 2018
Source: Getty Images

Salma Hayek showed up at the Met Gala and it was easy to notice that her boobs have become even bigger. Now they do look like fake tits.

Year 2019: Looking amazing at 52

Salma Hayek 2019
Source: Сelebsnetworthtoday

When you see Salma Hayek, you just cannot believe that she is 52. Is it really possible to look so stunning at this age? She must have some secret helping her to look so young.

Year 2024:gorgeous as usual

Salma Hayek attends 77th Golden Globe Awards on January 05, 2024, in Beverly Hills. The star, who is 53 years old this year pleased her fans in the long dress from Gucci. The blue and white dress accentuates her slim figure while the deep neckline – elegant breasts.

Salma Hayek
Source: GettyImages

What did Salma say about plastic surgery?

In 2015 the actress spoke to Allure magazine and she told that she never used any plastic surgery or injections. She also added that they advised her a bad thing to do when she was younger. The advice was to make injections while she was young because then she would not have any wrinkles. Salma was extremely happy she never did it.

She never spoke about her breasts. Salma might have changed her opinion regarding plastic surgery, but there is no doubt in her 52 she looks beautiful.

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