Lara Flynn Boyle Is Unrecognizable After Too Much Plastic Surgery

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Actress Lara Flynn Boyle (50) shocks with her distorted face whenever she appears in public, given that she was once known as natural beauty. The results of her surgeries today can no longer be improved even by makeup.

Lara, who became famous in the series “Twin Peaks”, was spotted in public after a long time. She was seen walking a dog in the Bel-Air neighborhood of Los Angeles. The actress had greasy and tangled hair while wearing a tracksuit. She had a shocked facial expression, so it’s just hard to believe that she was a sex symbol that men once sighed for, while women wanted to look like her.

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Although it is obvious that numerous corrections disfigured her, Boyle never wanted to admit it. A few years ago, she made the public laugh with an interview in which she said that she used to think about breast augmentation, but she could not do that because she strongly opposes plastic surgery.

People joked then at her expense that she then regularly eats something she is allergic to, so her face swells.

Plastic surgeons concluded that her appearance was the result of lip augmentation, Botox injections, fillers in her cheeks, and eyebrow lifting and facelifts. They also found out that she was had a nose job.

In addition to plastic surgery, Lara was accused of drinking alcohol in public. Two years ago, she was filmed drinking whiskey from a bottle around noon while sitting in a car. Her alcohol problem also became apparent, and she also broke the law because it was forbidden to drink hard liquor in a vehicle in California.

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The actress refused to play her role in “Twin Peaks” again in 2016, claiming she has a tight schedule.