Did Tom Cruise Have Plastic Surgery or Not?

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Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is considered to be one of the hottest Hollywood stars. He started his career in early 1980s and since then women keep falling in love with him.

His success can be envied, because he ends up in one movie, and immediately begins in the next. His popularity is growing year by year. But, everything has advantages and disadvantages. You want to be famous; you have to deal with rumors and gossips. They not only talk about his unsuccessful marriages with Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and Katie Holmes, but they also gossip about his looks. It is weird that he hasn`t changed much during all these years.

The question is if there were plastic surgery procedures apart from dental work. Did he have a nose job done? Were there face fillers?

The thing is that it is typical for women to do rhinoplasty of facelifts but being an actor is never easy. This business is extremely competitive so even men do their best to look fresh and attractive.

Before & After Photos

They will always be talking and gossiping about Tom Cruise because they photograph him extremely often. It is just there are too many photos to see what way his face and body have changed.

Our purpose is to look through his before and after photos to understand if any cosmetic surgery took place and if so, which ones. Let`s start!

Tom Cruise’s Bad Teeth…FIXED!

Tom Cruise's Teeth

In the movie “The Outsiders”,35 years back Tom had crooked teeth. They were his natural ones and this kind of teeth were never part of his character`s look.

They say that the actor was shy about his teeth and that is why he never showed them for the cameras until they were fixed.

It can be clearly seen that Tom has a good dentist who did a wonderful job because now the actor`s teeth are even, and we can see one of the warmest and most beautiful smiles.

His Front Teeth Alignment

Tom Cruise's Front Teeth Alignment

In spite of the work done, his front teeth are not flawless. When looking at his smile more attentively, it is seen that, although there are veneers, there is no symmetry. The middle tooth`s alignment is a bit off to the center.

But, if you consider what way his teeth looked before, now they seem to be almost perfect.

Does Tom Have a Nose Job?

be8c35d4c3They also say that Tom has had several nose jobs done. Before, that was a wide nose with a big tip. It is clearly seen that now that the nose does look smaller and the shape is different.

When Tom Cruise was at the BAFTA red carpet in 2016, he confessed that rhinoplasty had been done. He never mentioned, though, when and how many times.

Did He Get Botox Injections?

Did Tom Cruise Get Botox Injections

There are also rumors regarding botox on Tom`s forehead as well as fillers on his face. He actually never denied it. In fact, you need to be brave to be so open and speak about plastic surgery in public.

Cuba Gooding, Jr., who is a friend of Tom, said in one of interviews that once he came to Tom`s home and found him with his plastic surgeon. He just never hides the fact that he has had some cosmetic enhancements.

They still suppose that once he went too far with Botox. Just look at this after photo. The face looks puffy and swollen.

Has Tom Cruise had a Face Lift?

0Has Tom Cruise Had A Facelift

Tom Cruise, undoubtedly has a handsome face but time is ruthless to everyone and he is aging too. The actor is not happy about wrinkles for sure. Tom is quite likely to have had a facelift because one day Botox and fillers are powerless.

It is hard to understand what kind of surgery has been done but we suppose it could be a procedure to enhance his jawline. Brows tend to droop with age and Tom most probably had a procedure to correct them.

What About Hair Transplant?

Did Tom Cruise Get Hair Transplant

Tom is in the mid-50s, but you will never see a receding hairline. This is weird because there must be some hair loss at this age. Is he lucky to have good genes or this is thanks to a hair transplant?

In 2017 the National Enquirer was told that Tom has had several hair transplant procedures already. Tom has never been shy about surgery on his face and can speak about it openly but at the same time, he never admits the hair transformation.

Tom’s Transformation

Tom Cruise is that kind of Hollywood star who has the appearance of a dream man. We are going to check how his body features along with style have been changing all these years.

Early Days

Young Tom Cruise when he was a kid
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This is one of the photos when Tom was young. You can just feel how confident he was, because there is a big smile in spite of crooked teeth. It is obvious that he started visiting the dentist only when he began acting.

The year 1981

Tom Cruise 1981
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When he was a teenager, there was no defined jawline and baby fat on his face. The skin was flawed. Well, most of them had to face this problem during puberty.

Year 1986

Tom Cruise 1986
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That year “Top Gun” came out and Tom Cruise quickly became popular. He was that guy with a perfect appearance from Hollywood idols in the ’80s.

Year 1990

Tom Cruise 1990
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That was the year when the actor was claimed to be one of the sexiest men. It also could be the year when Tom started thinking about some cosmetic surgery, for example, a nose job or jaw implants. To learn more about this topic learn here.

Year 1994

Tom Cruise 1994
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He had a role “Interview With the Vampire.” His character was the vampire Lestat, and Tom had to grow a beard, a moustache and long hair for that. Here he was at the Mann Village Theatre in Westwood, California where the movie premiere took place. Fans were just crazy about his new look.

Year 1996

Tom Cruise 1996
Source: Beautiful

It was a remarkable year because “Mission Impossible” made him a film star. Just look at his eyes, it looks like his eyebrows were lowered with some cosmetic procedure to create the image of a movie star.

Year 2001

Tom Cruise 2001
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He got divorced from Nicole Kidman and changed his style. Tom shaved his head and grew a beard. Facial hair restoration clinic such as www.facialplasticsurgerymiami.com can also help you with growing a beard. We think he did because he had his chin done and didn`t want it to be noticed. Chin implants could be put as now his face is more proportional.

Year 2005

Tom Cruise 2005
Source: Spletnik

While being married to Katie Holmes Tom Cruise kept a healthy lifestyle with a diet and exercises. It was extremely important for him to keep fit because action movies require doing some stunts. It is also possible that he has undergone a liposuction procedure to get that perfect body shape and flat abs.

Year 2012

Tom Cruise 2012
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Here he is at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. This is when they started talking about plastic surgery again because 50-year-old Tom had just a few wrinkles on his face. The actor himself actually never denied it. He said he had a regimented skin care routine. Moreover, Botox and fillers are also used, and he is never shy to admit it

Year 2016

Tom Cruise 2017
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This time his cheeks looked puffy, so everyone wondered what was wrong with his face. The answer might be too many face injections. Doctors supposed that he had just had some cosmetic surgery, for example, botox.

Year 2017

Tom Cruise 2017
Source: v-2017

Looking at this photo you cannot understand if he lost some weight or had a neck lift done. Tom Cruise is 55 and he has no gray hair. Is it possible? Or he dyed his hair to look younger?


Year 2018

Tom Cruise 2018
Source: Instagram

It was the year of 6th “Mission Impossible” and you can see that his age has become more evident now. There are not so many wrinkles on Tom`s face but there is no browlift as well. He is older but he is still handsome.

Year 2019


Source: Spletnik

Tom is attending the 10th Annual Lumiere Awards at Warner Bros Studios here and he looks so good that there is a question whether he knows some secret to be forever young. Is it even possible?


As you can see Tom Cruise has had cosmetic several surgical procedures and he never denied it or hid it. He cannot be blamed, though, that he wants to maintain his handsome appearance. It is not a secret that he had botox injections and maybe facelift too.

He is one of the most popular actors, so it is quite clear why he decided to through all of those things. Although he denied hair transplant, his before and after photos say otherwise. Tom never said much regarding nose job and there are no proofs for jaw surgery.

He looks good, he looks handsome. Who would mind cosmetic surgeries looking at such a man?