Amber Rose, Before And After Plastic Surgery

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Amber Rose

Amber Rose is one of those few celebrities who finally confessed to having had surgeries to enhance her beauty. But that is not what you really think. She has always been considered to be one of the sexiest models due to her hot body and large breasts.

Amber stated that her boob size is real, it was a real burden for her, so she went for a surgery to make them smaller. You can find more details on

There are very few of her followers, though, who believed her. They supposed that all her claims were just an excuse to conceal removing the implants she has had some years before.

Consequently, the question is if her body is natural or not. And what about her face features? Is that all fake?

Before & After Photos

Our aim is to find out if any plastic surgeries were done, so we will look through Amber`s photos before fame and after. This is going to throw light on it.

Early Days

Amber Rose when she was young at 12 years old

This is a photo of a 12-year-old Amber Rose. Her teeth used to be crooked, so we can conclude that she had to undergo cosmetic dentistry including braces and veneers. Yes, the shape of her teeth used to be bad indeed.

Teenage Years

Amber Rose in her teen

And this is a photo of her being a teenager. As you can see, Amber`s skin is not black, so we can exclude such procedure as skin whitening. This evidence is enough for that. You can also see that her lips are naturally plump, which means that she never needed any lip injections.


Amber Rose 18 Years Old

When she was fifteen years old, her parents got divorced. Her mother and Amber did not have a place to live, so she had to work. In this photo, you can see Amber whose hair is long and curly. She is around 18 years old here.

Her breast size is big already, so it is most probable that Amber was lucky to have natural breasts and never needed any boob job. If you look at one more of her “before” pics, you will see that her breasts are natural. You can be sure that there are no breast implants in there, because the ones, that they used then, would have been quite evident.

You can also see that Amber used to have beautiful hair, and her makeup looks good here too.

Year 2002

Amber Rose 2002 - 19 Years Old
Source: Stylebistro

When Amber turned nineteen, she made a decision which was not accepted at first. She shaved her head! Then she created the image we all are familiar with, Amber with blonde hair. This image attracted attention to her, and people actually liked it. Unusual indeed!

There have been no changes on her face so far, consequently, we cannot suspect any cosmetic procedures, even a nose job or eyelid surgery.

Year 2008

Amber Rose 2008
Source: Youtube

In 2007 Amber and her mother moved to New York and started being a model. You can see her in “Put On” music video. There she was wearing a wig, and you can see no tattoos. She was noticed due to her beautiful face and body so quite soon she was featured in West’s sneaker line and LV advertisements.

Year 2009

Amber Rose 2009
Source: Getty Images

Here she is attending the Villa Lounge in Los Angeles. Her look is quite unusual with that hair color and purple lipstick. Amber`s nose and chin are pretty, so it is obvious that there is no need for chin implants.

Year 2011

Amber Rose 2011
Source: Getty

Here she is at the Maxim’s Hot 100 Party at Eden in Hollywood, California. She is that kind of models who is not typical for the walkway. She is too fat for such brands as “Victoria’s Secret”. Maybe if she lost some weight, she could be a supermodel?

Year 2012

Amber Rose 2012
Source: Getty Images

And in this photo, you can see Amber Rose at the Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. That year her debut single came out.

You can see now some tattoos on her arms. The model`s face looks pretty indeed. But what are those? Cheek implants?

We have to say, though, that she looked extremely sexy with that red lipstick and that beautiful cleavage. Yes, that is just a push-up bra, the boobs are real.


Year 2013

Amber Rose 2013
Source: Getty Images

In 2013 she got married to Wiz Khalifa, whom she had been dating to for two years. The couple had a son, and you can see her in not very good shape with that extra weight. Well, we can forgive her for that. Very few women manage to get their body shape back quickly.

Most famous women choose plastic surgery in this case, but Amber decided to do everything naturally. She never had liposuction but opted workout and a diet plan. Amber shared on social media how hard and exhausting it was, and that it is almost impossible to put off weight during the first months.

Year 2014

Amber Rose 2014
Source: Getty

Amber and Wiz Khalifa attended the MTV Video Music Awards, but soon everybody found out that they got divorced. The marriage lasted only one year.

Looking at her butt you cannot help wondering whether it is a fake butt. Do you think there could be butt implants in there?

Year 2016

Amber Rose 2016
Source: Getty Images

In 2016 Amber Rose managed to do a lot of things. First of all, her app MuvaMoji was launched and it brought her lots of money. The model took part in the 23rd season of “Dancing With The Stars”.

In this photo, she is at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors in New York. Amber`s body makes us suspicious again because her bottom is a nice curve now. Yes, her butt has always been big, but this “lifted” shape makes us suppose butt lift. What do you think?

Year 2017

Amber Rose 2017
Source: Getty Images

Here the model is at the NYLON Young Hollywood Party at AVENUE Los Angeles. She looks awesome with that long hair. One more thing we have noticed is that her nose looked a bit thinner. Has she had a nose job or it`s just the result of makeup?

She has always been open about cosmetic surgeries because she claimed she wanted a boob job to make her breasts smaller, consequently, it is most probably wasn`t a rhinoplasty at all.

Year 2018

Amber Rose 2018
Source: Getty Images

That year Amber had her breast reduction surgery, which made her body look in proportion. The boobs do seem to be smaller and seeing her before and after surgery photos, we have to say that now her figure is just awesome.

Year 2019

Amber Rose 2019
Source: Hawtcelebs

Year 2024

Amber Rose

What Does Amber Have To Say About Cosmetic Surgery?

Amber likes sharing her life on social media, which you already know if you are her follower and some of the things she shares are really personal.

For example, she complained that her boobs were too heavy, so she had backpain. It also irritated her that due to the size she couldn`t wear clothes she liked.

One more thing she shared was Botox. She posted a video of herself getting it. People did not like it and criticized her for that. She claimed that people were free to think what they wanted which would not make her change her mind about Botox. She advised to choose the right doctor for that, though.


Let`s discuss Amber before and after plastic surgery. Amber has recommended herself as that sort of person who is honest and upfront. She does not seem to care much about other people`s opinion, so we do think she never lied regarding her breasts. Yes, we are sure they are natural, but her butt still causes some suspicions.

Looking at her before and after surgery photos, you understand that her body is mostly not fake. She was born with that beautiful face, and there are no evidence at all that could proof cosmetic enhancements like lip injections or nose job.

Amber Rose was lucky enough to be born with a beautiful appearance that never actually needed any enhancements.

Amber Rose
Amber Rose

What do you think about it?

Does Amber Rose have butt implants?

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